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My Cousin And Me 2

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i wrote a story a couple of months ago i think i named it my cousin and me. i think it was thanksgiving. well he and i jacked off a little quick and i noticed he was a quicky and that i wanted another chance to show him how fun it can be when you take it slow. well i got that chance a few weeks ago. again im sleeping over his house for the night during a family function. we were watching a porn movie when he said that he was really horny about 20 minutes into it and that he really needed to let it go. i said ok we can do it again but hold on. i told him that i was gonna teach him to enjoy it, i asked him if i could lie on his bed and he said ok. i had a bad shot of the tv anyway. so i grab his hand lotion as he is getting more comfortable, i asked him if he had ever used lube before and he said no. i told him to unbutton his pj's and he did then pulled them and his boxers right off. so hes laying there in just a t shirt with no covers and i asked him if i could rub his dick to show him how and what the best ways are. he said ok. so i put a big blob of lotion in my hand and almost slapped it onto his already hard as a rock dick.i started by rubbing the whole thing and already he was squirming around and moaning so loud i thought the cops would be there anyminute, lol. then i rubbed my hand down the shaft real slow, then i would kinda tickle the underside with my fingertips, work my hand up to the head and gently teasingly rub the head. thats when he went really insane. i had him going teasing the head, his balle, and the underside for about an hour and had him so horny that just a faint touch would make his dick twitch him moan loud and precum spill like he was cumming. finally i grabbed the head and twisted it with more lube like an indian sunburn. he said he was gonna blow up hard so i rubbed the head and just part of the shaft. he came hard alright, 7 thick globs shot up and he was allover the place squirming. he came so hard one leg kept kicking and the other foot was twitching with his toes curled tight. i thought that was it so i lit a butt and then he cleaned up. then he out of no where pulls my sweatpants down grabbed my dick and started rubbing it real slow.he would rub a slow circle arould the thick head of my dick then slowly run his hand all the way down the shaft touch my balls and go back up. every so often he would keep rubbing the head for about 5 seconds. he did this non stop for about 15 minutes till i came all over the place. we then went to sleep woke up the next morning and did it all over again.



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