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My Cousin And Me

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This is what happened to me a couple of months ago Now I'm 16 and about 5'6, 118 pounds I have a big ass, let me tell you, which sometimes I feel is un attractive Well anyways my story
My grand ma had taken sick pretty suddendly so my father decided to go see her and see if she wanted anything you know help and such So he said he was going and if anyone wanted to come along Knowing that I'd be missing a day or two of school I agreed And so off we went
Now I'm from Miami and my grand ma lives in Michigan So hey it took a while to get there But boy was it worth it On about the second day of my visit,me and my cousin Kevin were watching Tv And as luck would have it my dad was out visiting relatives and my grandmother was next door talking So it was just the two of us Now Kevin is about 17 and way taller than me I had seen him looking at me during the trip but being FAMILY I didn't think much of it
So as I was saying we were watching Tv flipping through channels when I came to a movie on HBO or something The people there were in a pretting graphic love scene I mean major fucking I could even see his cock going in and out of her pussy Being as cunning as I am I asked my cousin if he wanted to watch He didn't answer me just grinned So I figured why not Now halfway through the film I began to notice my cousin get hard I laughed to myself and continued to watch the movie A little while later he said he needed to used the bathroom
I said ok and I mean at that time it didn't really occur to me what he was really doing I was just watching the show on Tv He was gone for a while and when he came back his face looked flushed and his lips red Then I realised (finally) what he had done Needless to say I was intrigued

Later that night About 10 or 11 I couldn't sleep Watching the porn thing had really gottten me wet I had tried humping my pillow and fingering my self but nothing worked Now if you know my family then you'll know that we go to sleep early I mean 9 or 10 we're already in the sack So thats why when I did what I did I didn't feel any sort of threat of being caught
I was fustrated I had never ever not been able to cum before and now I needed it bad So I put on my robe And walked down the hall to my cousins room I opened to door to find him asleep My mind wasn't working straight then I just knew I neeeded something Being very careful not to wake him up I slowly walked over to his bed and pulled out his cock from his pants Now I had seen a boys cock before I mean I am no virgin But never like this I played with it a while in my hand Before he woke up
Obviously he was freaked but I managed to calm him down telling him not to worry that this would be our secret With his cock still in my hands I asked him if he jerked off He of course said no I told him that it was ok because I did I asked him again if he did and he said yes His cock was now semi-hard in my hand I could tell all this talk was turning him on I asked if he would jerk off for me He looked shocked but still said yes EVENTUALLY but only if I would do the same for him
I practically jumped out of my clothes Finally I thought I watched and my cousin took his rod in his hands and started to stroke slowly at first but then faster and faster He then stopped completely and told me to start Now hornier than ever I began to trace my cunt lips with my finger Then I put the middle one in my mouth and I started to rub my clit My eyes never leaving my cousin and his rod I came first my juices running down my legs And then he blew his load every where Some landed on my shoulder and I licked it up
My cousin looked pleased And asked me if Iwanted more I smiled and noticed he was hard again Without secod though I got down on my hands and knees and started to lick his cock I was having a great time Playing with his balls and pumping the bottom of his shaft while the top was still in my mouth But what can I say cock sucking isn't my thing And so soon I was bored But Kevin wasn't He kept pushing my head down on his dick Pushing his memeber further and further down my throat Luckily for me soon he came and blew his load in my mouth Some spilled out and I rubbed it all over my self All over my tittes and my pussy
What could Kevin do after all I had served him well And so soon he started to eat me MMMMM That felt good His tounge darted all over my pussy licking my clit and palying with my folds I came at least twice
Still sooo horny though And I knew kevin knew what I was thinking I pushed him down on the bed and rode him like no tomorrow Oh god his dick gelt so big and hard in side me I wanted more I pulled off of him and told him to do it to me doggy style Oh god I was so turned on knowing that my grandma was next door sleeping Now his room was only filled with his moans and the sounds of his balls slapping against my pussy I didn't want him to cum yet On no I had other plans And so butt naked and all I pulled him outside with me Now behing my grandmas house is a forest like thing Well not reaaly it has like 10 or so trees but it still had a purpose
I leaned up my back against a tree and told him to fuck me forever He did what he was told And let me tell you how horny it made me knowing that anyone could drive by and see us It was wonderful, his big dick in me, the smell of pine trees, the scraping of bark on your back But still I never wanted this to end I felt the orgasm coming near to me But I held it back-somehow I guess the years of dildo finally paid off
And so I told him to stop I didn't want to come yet And beside it was cold outside So we ran back upstairs in to my room Where we fucked till the morning I guess I fell asleep during the process, because I woke up like 10 I hurried him awake not wanting us to be seen together But luckily my dad hadn't come to check on us that morning
So what next I decided it was time for a bath But that's another story



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