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My Cousin and I

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My first mutual


It was the night before the last day of summer vacation, and my cousin was going to stay for a sleep over. We slept in the basement on two separate futons. I was a chronic masturbator, almost doing it once a day. I always hoped that I could have a mutual masturbation, and that night I did.

My cousin is a short guy, but is slighty heavier than me. I'm a skinny, medium height guy, not much of an athlete. The last time I had slept at my cousins house, we both admitted to each other that we jacked off, but nothing happened after that. I was hoping to get a chance to do it with him this time.

So, it was about one in the morning, and we were joking around about stuff, and out of nowhere, he pulls down his pants and moons me. To get back at him, I pulled his blanket that he was using to cover himself off his body. And there he is, sitting there with his pants pulled down, his cock just lying there. He has a nice, full bush, and an uncut cock. It must be about 3 or 4 inches unerect, and 5 erect. I have an uncut cock, 3 inches unerect and 5 erect. So he pulls up his pants and takes the blanket back. We both sit there laughing about it, then we settle down again.

A little while later, we start talking about masturbation, and we pull the whole faking it under the blanket thing, just for laughs. Then, he starts pullng it out and flashing me. So I return the favour by doing the same thing. I finally tell him, if he's gonna pull that thing out he might as well jack off. So, he works up the courage and starts jacking off, right infront of me.

By now I'm extremely hard, and I say what the hell, I'll do it too. So I grab my 5 inched and start jacking. It felt so good to be able to do it infront of somebody watching you. As I jacked, I kept looking over at my cousin, who was pretty into it by now. I could hear his every breath, and I saw his dick standing there as he pulled it. Seeing him there jacking off was the most exciting thing I have seen, and I finally came on my lap. It was the most I had cum in a long time, and it was the most pleasurable thing I have felt.

I couldn't tell when he came, but he stopped about the same time I did. This was only the beginning of our jacking off together, and we still do it now. Actually, he might be coming over this weekend, so I'll write about that experience next.

Happy jacking!



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