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My Cousin and His Roomate

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I'm 21 and I'm going to college. My older male cousin (I'll call him Eric) is 26. He lives around here, so my mom and dad asked him to come check up on me every now and then. Well, he came up on Saturday and he treated me to lunch. He's really nice, and we've always gotten along very well. We're really close. In fact, it was Eric who first gave me 'the talk,' even before my parents ever talked to me about sex.

We talked about school during lunch, and when we were done eating he said he'd left something back at his place and we stopped there to get it. He showed me around his place and his roommate was there. I thought his roommate was really hot, but I didn't say anything. My cousin introduced me to his roommate, Jason, and he immediately goes, 'Wow, you never told me your cousin was so hot.' Then he laughed like he was just kidding. I was really flattered, but surprised he had said that.

Jason said he was going to go get ready and he asked Eric if he needed the shower because he was going to use it. I sat and waited in the living room while Eric went to his room to get his stuff. He was taking really long, so I called for him. When he didn't answer, I went to look for him because I had a class later that afternoon. His room was past the bathroom so I went down the hall.

As I was going by the bathroom, I noticed the door was halfway open, so I thought his roommate was out of there. I pushed the bathroom door open to use the toilet, and I saw the roommate leaning on the counter naked and stroking his dick. I had never seen an actual penis, so I was speechless. He had one hand near the base of it, touching and massaging his balls, and the other one was wrapped around his huge dick slowly going up and down the length of it. I noticed he was uncircumcised as well. I was really shocked, and I said that I was so sorry, that I thought there was no one in here. He said it was ok, and that I could watch if I wanted to.

At first I said no, but then he just said, 'OK, suit yourself,' and kept stroking himself and moaning while looking straight into my eyes. Oh my god, that really, really made me so horny, and I stayed and watched him. He was really athletic and tan. I thought he was the best looking guy I had ever seen. I could feel myself getting really wet. He kept jacking off, and then he said I was beautiful and I had the sexiest legs. I was really aroused by the way his voice sounded, all out of breath and kinda low.

Just then, I turned around to the door and I saw my cousin was standing there. I could see through his pants that he was hard. He must have been watching. He had this funny look on his face and said, 'Wanna see me do it, too?'

My heart was beating so fast and I think I musta nodded or something because he smiled and came in and stood in front of me (next to his roommate) and pulled out his dick and started doing the same thing. Eric's dick wasn't as big as Jason's, but it looked like it was rock hard, as if it was some sort of solid object. They were both pumping their dicks with one hand and staring at me.

I was so wet and horny. I then started to take off my t-shirt and bra. Then I pulled my skirt up and pulled my panties down. I spread my legs and started to masturbate. My cousin and his roommate kept staring at my body (and especially my pussy) and going, 'Oh, yeah' and stroking faster. I was rubbing my clit with my right hand and spreading my pussy open with my left hand to give them a good view. I was really getting into it, so I started to moan louder and move my hips up and down.

I rubbed my wet fingers all over my breasts and squeezed my nipples. I kept my eyes fixed on Jason's dick and started to push two fingers into my pussy, imagining he was pumping his dick in and out of me. I sat up a bit and took one of my breasts and started sucking my own nipple while making eye contact with both Jason and my cousin Eric. Jason closed his eyes, saying he was going to cum.

I then lay back down on the bathroom floor in between them, and I spread my legs wide. I used my two hands to rub my clit and then put my middle fingers inside me, pushing them really deep inside and moving them in and out really fast. I started imagining that both of them were penetrating me at the same time-I kept going faster and I started moaning very loudly and almost screaming when I started seeing the ropes of their cum shooting from their dicks and landing on my breasts and stomach.

I swear I came sooo hard, and for a long time, too. My whole pussy was throbbing. It was incredible. I could hear them both moaning and breathing hard. Eric said, 'Damn, girl.' Jason put a towel around himself, kneeled down on the floor with me, and brushed my hair from my face. He said 'God, you look beautiful like that,' and he helped me up.

I've been masturbating every day to the memory of what I did with them last week. I really want to do it again.



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