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My Cool Dorm Mate

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It was a quiet winter evening. Jim, my college roommate, was out on a date so I had the dorm room all to myself. It was my custom to use the privacy to engage in my favorite pastime, getting off. My routine was to turn off the lights, don my Walkman, then slip my lanky 6' 2' frame under the sheets and follow the beat.

My hips lifted off the bed as my fantasy led me to thrust deeper and deeper into my high school sweetheart. My back arched upward as she rode on top of me, calling on me to thrust harder and harder. I started to grunt pleasurably as both the music and I started to build for the final climax.

But rather than filling my fanciful sweetheart with my hot love juices, it was my eyes that got filled with light as Jim returned early. I quickly pretended to wake up as Jim seemly unaware of my actions hung his coat on the rack and then sat on his bed to unlace his boots.

'Back early?' I asked. 'Yeah, Kim had a big test tomorrow so we called it an early night. And your evening?' Jim replied. 'Nothing going on here. I crashed early myself.' I said attempting to fabricate a cover story.

Jim continued undressing and stripped down to his briefs before sitting down back on his bed. 'We've been room mates for over five months, do you think we could come to a mutual understanding?' 'Sure.' I said, 'What's on your mind?'

'Let's agree that when, where, and how we do it is our own business. But let's not bust a nut pretending.' 'Pretending?' I replied, still trying to play dumb. 'You know darn well what I mean.' Jim replied. 'But if it makes you feel any better, I'll start by admitting that I enjoy a good jack when I got the room to myself too.'

My face must have turned beet red as I knew I had been caught. Then Jim graciously continued, 'Don't get all embarrassed about it. A good stroke is something to be enjoyed rather than denied. Growing up with three brothers, there wasn't hardly a time at my house when someone wasn't thinking about it, talking about it, or doing it.'

Feeling a bit more at ease by Jim's self-confession, I told him I had a confession of my own. 'I have to let you know that I hadn't finished when you came in.' 'I can relate.' Jim said emphatically. 'I had saved up for my date with Kim tonight, but things didn't go as I had planned. So I'll just step out for while so you can finish up.'

Not wanting to put Jim out I said, 'No need to leave, it's cold outside and it won't take me long to finish.' Sensing it was my turn to show consideration I asked, 'Didn't you just say Kim left you with a full load?' 'Yeah, so?' Jim answered. 'Well why don't you practice what you preach and let off some of the pressure too?' I offered, tossing Jim my bottle of lotion. 'What the hell...' Jim said pulling his jeans back off in acceptance of the invitation.

I then kicked off my sheet and resumed where I had left off an hour earlier by lying on my back and thrusting into my hand. Soon I was oblivious to Jim's presence and started my customary countdown as I felt myself passing the point of no return. 'Three, Two, One, UGH!' I exhaled as intense tongues of fire shot through my hips followed by numerous impacts on my chest. 'Feel better now?' Jim called from his side of the room. 'I do now.' I said, collapsing back onto my bed.

'How's it going over there?' I asked. 'Almost there.' Jim answered as I turned to see that he had assumed a kneeling position in the middle of his bed. I didn't intend to stare but I couldn't help but watch as his face became like a mask and his eyes focused on something a thousand miles away. From the six feet that separated our beds I could see his his chest rise and fall with the quickening pace as he made a short grunts of pleasure with each stroke. Then all of a sudden he closed his eyes and threw his head back as every muscle in his body rippled in unison. I could hear a slow deep 'Yesssssss' as he filled his cupped hand. 'Man I needed that!' I remembered Jim saying.

After that session our college days continued with the usual routine. But with our new understanding the number and quality of my private sessions increased with the knowledge that there was no longer a need for absolute secrecy. As an added bonus, if I awoke with wood in the morning, I was free to take care of it then and there while the occasional pre-dawn grunt from Jim's side of the room confirmed that he could do the same.

Over the next four years Jim and I would share other experiences, but that's for another time.



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