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My Coming Out

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my coming out story....


This has to do more about me COMING out but includes a mutual jack off.

Just after eighth grade I was 14 going on 15 and well knew I am queer because I was going home and jerking off to the boy who sat next me in algebra class.

That summer I fell in with a group of older boys who lived at the gym. They were all fit and hot.

Days started early with short 5k runs followed by breakfast at Noah's house. Then came weight lifting. We all went home for lunch and then if it was not raining playing hoops all afternoon. In short I was surrounded by hot fit boys, who loved going around without shirts on. I kept my queerness to myself so I thought.

Noah was great; but what I did not know was that he had two mom's. His mom's were loaded and where he lived had a small lake.

Come July he and all his friends had a huge camp out every summer. I was surprised when I asked to come for they Noah was 16 and slightly tattooed I was still 14 and well was working off my puppy fat.

Noah made tent assignments and put me in a tent with a 16 year old named Jakob. Jakob was smoking hot washboard abs. By July we are all dark skinned, and Jakob was no exception.

So anyway there were me and Jakob, and it was getting late and we went to go our tent to get sleep remember 5k run in the am.

There was a slight chill and stripped down our boxers I was little chilly. In an attempt to warm me Jakob offered to share a sleeping bag with me. Being that he was hot I jumped at the opportunity.

When we in the sleeping bag together he spooned me and I could I feel his cock starting to grow. This intern got me excited. I just rolled over to and offered my ass to him. He said no that I was not ready for that but he 'needed to do something.' He asked me to meet him by the lake in five minutes and he dashed out of the tent. I waited those five minutes and ran to the lake were I saw him this time his cock was out and his boxers were off.

I thought for sure no one could see us so I s kicked my boxers off and was sporting a fully hard cock with a little bus, mean while Jakob was there with a bigger cock and a little more ball hair. I just wanted to go down on him but again Jakob stopped me.

But then lying side by side by the lake he grabs my cock and taking his cue I grabbed his. We jerked each other off and came all over ourselves. When we jizzed we went into the lake for clean up. Then we put shorts back and separately went back to the tent. I swear I thought no one saw us.

That mourning 5k run as normal. At breakfast back at Noah's, Noah comes up puts his arms behind both of use and announces to every one that not only did he have two members for GSA next year but his mom's owed him $50 each.

When cross country started that fall and we were taking communal Noah would shower right between me and Jakob. Noah made sure that no one ever said anything about me being queer. Noah was the best friend I could ever have.

When school started cross country practice was scheduled around GSA because Noah was the president.

As for coming out to my parents I never really had to. I just left gay porn were it could be easily found by my parents. When I was 15 and half I had a boyfriend, I told my mom he would be spending the night, pretending we were just friends.

That was a night of GSA dance and after the dance Noah handed me my first rubber. When we got home Mom had gotten the message and there were rubbers and lube waiting for me in my room. Trust me they got put to good use.

For my 16th birthday Dad got me a pride flag that I still have. It was his way of saying he knew and was okay. Besides my boyfriend was right we held hands whenever he came to my house.

Although I never 'did' anything with Noah, and my mutual with Jakob was a 'one off' Noah was the one who made me feel comfortable with being gay and into sports.



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