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My College Roommate

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I have been reading Solo Touch for about two years now and always hoped a 'Solo Touch-type story' would happen to me. My dream came true a few months ago, when I was in the middle of my second semester of freshmen year at college, living in a dorm room with a girl from my high school that I'll call Amanda. I didn't really hang out with Amanda much in high school, but since we were going to the same college and afraid of random roommates we decided to live together. I thought Amanda was one of the most gorgeous girls in high school, she was a natural blonde hair with light colored eyes. She was above average height with a small chest (I'd guess no bigger than A-cup) and a stick thin body that was well tanned and toned.

Nothing worth writing about here occured first semester, in fact we never even saw each other naked. One night second semester though I wanted to go with some friends to celebrate being over with a hard exam. I told Amanda and invited her along but she didn't come because she had a project to work on. My plans didn't work out exactly as I hoped due to random drama between friends and I returned to the dorm. I came in and Amanda asked me if I was tired, I said that I was and proceeded to flop down on my bed, planning to take a shower before I went to bed if I could muster the energy. After about four or five minutes Amanda asked me from her desk if I was awake and I didn't answer because I was right on the edge of sleep, but not quite there.

The loud squeek of Amanda's chair on the floor took me from the edge of sleep as she walked toward me. Standing next to me she asked again if I was awake, almost to the point of yelling. I again didn't respond, I'm not really sure why I didn't, perhaps because I was annoyed that she was so concerned with whether I was awake or not. She walked away and turned the lights in the room out. A chair squeek a few seconds later made me think she was at her desk. I opened my eyes planning to sneak up behind her and scare her for annoying me but before I could move I saw she was looking at porn on her computer. I think she was looking at erotic stories that had pictures to go along with it. After a few minutes of looking at this, she got up and I closed my eyes so she would think I was still asleep. For the third time she asked if I was asleep, this time yelling the question. After pausing for a response and not getting one I heard what sounded like her taking her clothes off. I then heard her walk to her drawers and open and close one. A faithful chair squeek later and I knew it was safe to open my eyes.

For the first time I saw Amanda naked. Although the angle made it hard for me to see her front completely, I saw one of her tiny breasts, untanned with a perky pink nipple and between her legs was a thick blonde pubic bush. Her tan body had tan lines where she wore a bikini. I watched as she spread her legs and propped them on the desk and used a dildo. She went slow and rubbed her nipples with one hand. After a couple of minutes she made a very quiet moan as she orgasmed. I closed my eyes to avoid being caught as she got up and put on pyjamas and went to bed. I got under my own covers a few minutes later and masturbated myself thinking about what I had seen. Outside of that night I never saw Amanda naked again nor have I told her what I saw as I believe she doesn't suspect a thing.



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