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My College: Fun and Then Some

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Hellow again! :)

Down and Dirty-

One day I was in the bathroom stall. I was sitting there, thinking about my math test. I was dressed in a seethrough top, crop top, knee high boots, and miniskirt. I didn't have any knickers on. Sigh.

My mind drifted to my math teacher. She often wore a camisole (she shaved her armpits. Darn!), kneelength skirt, and mary janes. During class I would often press my thighs together while I watched her lecture. I could always see my nipples get hard. I got the One Hanes Place catalog, and I could tell she bought from them too. I pictured what she wore underneath...

By this time I was really really wet. I had my skirt pushed up around my waist for a quick pee. I pushed my skirt to my ankles. I sofly took my left and right hands; and put them between my legs. I softly, then firmly went up and down against my lips. Then I brought my hands to my face, and licked the fingers. I smelled my aroma. Sigh. I touched my neck, then my breasts. I went under my shirt, and touched my nipples. I brought my hands back between my legs, and started a steady rythmn.

My heart started. I was in the stall closest to the door. EEK. I stopped what I was doing. Through the gap in the stall door, I saw who had come in...it was my math teacher. I started drooling as she walked past...she quickly entered...the stall next to mine! Yippy! I started to slowly frig off again. I licked my lips. I heard her lock her door, then a rustle of clothing. First her jeans came down to her ankles, then her pink thong (I was right!). She sighed, sat down, and then peed. I started going a little faster. She quickly finished. She took her time at the mirror. I watched her through the crack in my door, while I played with myself. She left. I started to pant, and everything contracted. I relaxed, and got dressed. I was at the mirror and noticed that I could see everything through the spaces in the stall walls!? That turned me on. Now I always use the first stall.

The next week I was in the locker room. There were no showers stalls, everything was out in the open. It had been one month since I had transfered to this college. Originally I had been shy (thanks to my public school experiences) about undressing and taking showers in the locker room. After seeing many females dress, and undress with abandon I got jealous. Why should they have all the fun. I never longer shielded myself with my clothes or a towel. I didn't walk to or from the showers with my towel firmly wrapped around my waist. The showers were along one wall. The shower heads themselves were placed on vertical dividers. This day I took my towel, and picked a shower head closest to the door to the pool. heehee. I peeled off my newly bought two piece swimsuit. It had a triangle top with a thong bottom. My nipples, and lips could easily soon. Many times I caught the other girls staring at me. I'd smile, and keep swimming.

Anyway, I put my swimsuit, and towel on top of the divider. I turned the lukewarm watter on. It cascaded down my nubile body. The water drenched my large bush, large hips, and large breasts. My nipples got hard. I shrugged. Then I moved to the left, the water hit my clit hood. I gasped, immediately turned on. I was shocked, it was 8AM . There was no one that came that early, so I thought, why not? I closed my legs (I was standing up. I learned from practicing in the dorm showers. Closed was better for me.) I turned my front to the wall, and put my hands between my legs. I started slowly, I could feel my entrance. One, two fingers. A little faster. Then...

:BoooOOOM: I looked over my shoulder, it was the lifeguard. Her little blond hair covered her body. She took off her swim suit (red, one piece, high, and low cut), and stepped under the shower head in front of me. I looked at her, and then turned back around. I slowly started again. She took a long time washing up. My legs started to quiver. She turned off the water, and went to the lockers, and out of sight behind a wall. I kept at it. I came BIG time. I panted, and then washed my hair.

I dryed off, and went to my locker...which was next to hers. She was still nude, drying herself off. She looked up, and smiled at me. My nipples were still hard. My body was still flushed from the water. I started slowly to get dressed. She did the same. Her peach niples, and brown pubic hair. We both left, and chatted on the way, back to the dorms.



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