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My College English Teacher

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Saw a submission called 'My Teacher' which reminded me of this tale.


Back when I was just entering college, I was still pretty naive about the girls. I think I had made out and felt up, but that was about it. Not like todays kids, eh? Anyways, I went to college in Tennessee to a small town in Greeneville, TN. I recall the english teacher...she was much older, probably around my age now (lol) and didn't really 'do' anything for me. I do remember she was nice to me every time I would attend her class.

I guess she felt a bit sorry for me, as I was a bit of a loner and wasn't a person who hung out with the crowds. So, I guess it was in springtime of '72 she asked if, the following weekend, I wanted to take a drive with her into Nashville, which was about an hour east of the school. I agreed and although the details of when and where she picked me up are fuzzy after all this time, this following part certainly isn't!

We were in the outskirts of Nashville, driving on rolling country roads. She had packed a picnic lunch too, so after some small talk, that included interest in if I had made 'friends' with any of the females on campus (I had, but thats not for mentioning here), driving around, she picked a somewhat secluded area that had some nice trees, some old building and a path that wound through the area.

I recall her wearing a loose denim skirt with a plain top. I was in shorts, sneakers and tee shirt. As we sat, she made sure (later, I believed this) to sit somewhat carelessly, allowing me a peek up her legs. It was at this point my hormones started to kick in, and I sensed that tingle in my groin that signalled I was going to get an erection.

As my bulge started its swelling, I tried to move in such a way she hopefully wouldn't see it. Now, this was my college teacher!..I was getting pretty embarrassed, to which she noticed...and remarked if I was uncomfortable with the ever swelling lump in my shorts.

I didn't quite know what to say or do....so she leaned over, rubbed her hand up on my thigh, and said she was 'pleasantly surprised' (her words.....lol) that at her age she still had that affect on the younger boys.

My cock was now at full hardness, well, as best it could be under my shorts and briefs. She moved her fingers under the leg of the shorts and touched the tip of my penis, to which I jumped and sighed at the same time.

She noticed how sensitive and aroused I was I suppose......then she asked about how often I masturbated, when did I do it, where, etc. I was barely able to answer, what with her slowly now massaging my cock, over the underwear, for the full length of its hardness. The tip of my cock was wet with precum, which she commented on, and to which she said, 'we should do something so your clothing doesn't become stained'....then she asked me to stand up. I did, and her hands went to my waistband, and in one move, both my shorts and underwear were down at my ankles, my cock straight and hard right at her face.

She cooed as she rolled her fist slowly back and forth on my engorged member, slowly gripping firmly then releasing the grip to a velvet softness on the opposing stroke, all the while holding my balls in her other hand.

It didn't take long for this 18 year old, well endowed kid to blow a huge load all over that plain top she wore, as she kept pumping me until I could shoot no more, her middle finger up my asshole to help with the cum delivery, to where I was collapsing on the picnic blanket we were sitting on.

Funny thing is?....after she cleaned me up, we had our picnic lunch, and she kept the top on, with my cum stains all over it and never bothered to change even as we got back to the campus. I guess because it was dark by then, she knew it would be safe to do that.

Certainly didn't expect any of this from the prim and (not so) proper English teacher!

Needless to say........I do remember getting an 'A' for that class!!!



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