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My Chinese Maid (6)

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About Chinese yellow movies and more mutual masturbation-for M, with gratitude.


Friday was a 40 degree scorcher. I hurried through the oven-like compound, dragged myself up the six flights of stairs and keyed the lock, bathed in sweat. My Chinese maid threw me a welcoming smile as she came towards me with a cool drink. 'You like?' 'Delicious' I confirmed. 'You know what it is?' 'Yes it's watermelon juice.' 'And your's' she clarified, with a wicked grin, and suddenly I new how she had disposed of that ravaged watermelon.

She brought me another in the shower. I sipped and this time sought and detected a distinctive seminal flavor. I handed it back explaining 'it's nice, but I think I prefer plain watermelon juice.' 'Great, I finish!' she announced and did so as she watched me luxuriating under the tepid water before stripping to join me for another slipping, sliding 'whole-of-body' masturbation session.

After lunch my Chinese maid went to her ample handbag and brought out a clean pair of panties, which she put on, and a small parcel wrapped in newspaper. 'Chinese yellow movie' she exclaimed, handing it to me with a flourish. She certainly knew how to please her old foreigner! It belonged to her husband's friend and had to go home that evening so it would not be missed. I needed no urging. While she cleared the table, I wiped off the dusty VCR and rewound the tape.

She had watched it with her husband and his friend the previous evening but still joined me on the sofa, apologizing that the dialogue was in Chinese but I was delighted. I had seen plenty of blue (or yellow as they are called here) movies in China but I had never been able to get a genuine Chinese one with only Chinese participants. This time, I think they were all amateurs, probably university students trying to cover their fees, and they did exactly what inexperienced players would be expected to do when trying to make a porn movie so we saw:

Proud erections, suddenly wilting under the lights when targeted by the camera, despite their owners' and others' best manual efforts to keep their blue turtle-heads visible above their prepuce;

boys overwhelmed by the unique sensation of a feminine hand who lost concentration and forgot to alert the cameraman, who missed the money-shot and captured on film only a few final dribbles;

ambushed, wide-eyed girls looking around sheepishly for somewhere to spit;

virgins proudly offering their glistening hymen to the camera and to the gentle touch of female fingers, but getting cold feet when masturbating male fingers became too inquisitive and tried to penetrate the barrier.

Obviously made in a country where abortions are as easy to obtain as a haircut and before the Chinese Government admitted that AIDS was not restricted to foreigners, there were no condoms. Semen squirted, sprayed, oozed, dripped, seeped and trickled out of masturbated penises onto the smooth golden skin of so many beautiful young bodies.

As expected in a country where labor is cheap and student fees are high, there was a cast of hundreds. So the orgy was a real orgy with scores of young men and women doing everything they and the director could think of. A soggy-biscuit masturbation competition concluded with a daisy chain of twelve smooth skinned young men making a complete circle. Bukkake scenes had scores of young men masturbating to climax and bathing the anxious girls.

It was a great porn movie and I was very ready to follow their example as I asked my Chinese maid what happened after they watched the movie. By way of explanation she pointed shyly to the wet spot on the bathroom towel she was still sitting on. I touched there and smelt on my fingers her familiar feminine scent blended with the distinctive aroma of another man. Now I understood why she had put on panties.

She apologized for not being clean and bashfully explained that although she had washed, it still kept coming out. I told her this was a very natural thing and I was very happy she enjoyed sex with her new husband. Audaciously I asked: 'Did you play the three-party game?' She looked at me quizzically, then understood my question, and explained matter-of-factly that her husband let his friend watch them and then encouraged her to fuck with him but she did not want to so instead she used her husband's semen as lubricant and gave him a climax with her hands. He came very quickly and apparently went home very happy with his consolation prize.

I lifted her knee onto my lap and started petting her through her wet panties. I asked her to tell me more and she did, speaking slowly so I could understand and pausing frequently to give me a beautiful smile of encouragement. When she described the moment of penetration, I slipped my fingers into her lubricious vagina. Her dialogue ceased, she moaned softly and rested back against the arm of the sofa. My fingers drew back, to spread their blended juice over her clitoris and up into the sprinkle of hair on her mons veneris. I knew what she liked and was in the perfect position to give it to her. Slimy knuckles of one hand massaged her labia and clitoris while the other stroked the side of her vulva. I looked across her breasts with their turgid nipples and was greeted with a wan smile that said: that is perfect, please don't stop, so I just kept up the rhythm until her orgasm brought her thighs together with a shudder and my busy hands were immobilized.

The yellow movie had packed the powder and helping her come to a climax lit the fuse, so when she relaxed and reached for me, my penis surfed between her damp thighs, across her stomach and between her breasts leaving behind a wake of semen.



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