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My Chinese Maid #2

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Where I take advantage of China's opening to the world to repay the gift she bestowed in my first posting: My Chinese Maid #1


That morning at work, the old heart was more than a bit fluttery as I thought about the mornings erotic activities described in my first posting, and wondered if my Chinese maid would still be there at lunch-time. She was not only a good cook and housekeeper but over the last year had become a good friend. I certainly did not want to frighten her away.

My misgivings vanished as I open the door to be greeted with a big smile and a table spread with my favorite Chinese dishes: stir-fried chicken, braised tomato with eggplant and a spicy cucumber salad. We ate in friendly silence. Then sitting back and patting my belly I complimented her on the food and saw how I could make an easy reference to the mornings activities. Pointing to her clothes on the drying rack, I asked if they were dry yet. She shook her head. I apologized for making them dirty and she laughed happily saying, 'no problem, I'm a twice married women with two teenage sons.'

She explained how she had made her sons wash their own sheets, so now they masturbated in the shower, a very simple affair in a corner of the kitchen, which offered no privacy. I had been there and could imagine the situation. It seemed to me she had often seen them ejaculate. I chuckled to know that Chinese teenagers get caught too. Then she paid me a wonderful compliment telling me I squirted with the same power as her 17-year-old son!

I fetched the dictionary and asked: 'is my penis the same as your husbands?'

Shaking her head she insisted: 'no, his is very different' and reached for pen and paper. She drew a flaccid uncircumcised penis. Like most Chinese men, her husband was not circumcised. I tried to ask if we looked the same when erect but she looked puzzled, so I opened my fly and showed her mine again, very erect. inquisitively, she studied my penis, tracing its form with her finger tips then shook her head and drew another picture, this time of an erect penis with the prepuce still covering the tip. 'I like your turtle-head,' she whispered and kissed it, almost sending me into orbit.

Quite unaware that she almost got wet again, she leafed through the dictionary for a few moments then held her finger to the page. Beside the Chinese character indicated I saw 'vagina' written. 'Is mine the same as foreign lady,' she asked?

I looked as puzzled as possible and said in my best Chinese: 'I do not know.' 'I have not seen yours' and indicated that I now had my glasses on. She stood, pulling down her pyjamas and the borrowed underpants. I bent down and could see, despite the schoolyard tales, it went north-south, but very little else. Obviously determined to correct this situation, she rested one leg on the corner of the table and offered me a clear view of her vulva. I knelt and made a detailed study. Her vulva looked surprisingly naked, with just a light sprinkling of fine black hair on her mound and outer lips. My sincere compliment, that she had a 'beautiful black flower', was rewarded as she gently parted her outer lips to reveal glistening petals of pink on pink, edged with indigo. My gasp of delight needed no translation.

Eventually, I dragged my gaze away from there and looked up. Her joy at my appreciation was very plain. It is very different and very beautiful and took me to the limit of my capacity in her language, making me want so badly to convey more, so I gently kissed her inner lips. Her gasp also needed no translation so I carefully stroked down the indigo edges to her vagina. Though very tight, it yielded to my gently probing finger. I looked up again quizzically. She nodded, mouthing the popular slogan: China is opening up to the world. I eased my finger up the lubricious channel until I felt the soft pillow of her cervix. Then with my thumb on her clitoris and my index finger gliding in and out of her vagina I attempted to repay the gift she had bestowed upon me that morning.

She must have been very ready because, almost immediately, her vagina ballooned and the outer muscles gripped my finger. Moving became very difficult. I was in an awkward position and I was tiring. Then I lost her clitoris and knew she must be almost there. I was determined to see her make it. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders and finally the contractions started, bringing with them a great sense of relief to us both. I withdrew my exhausted hand, she dropped to her chair and I rested my head in her naked lap.

'Hard work,' she murmured, 'you are the only man to do that.' I returned to my chair and we sat there for a long time, just smiling at each other with a mixture of astonishment at our audacity and appreciation of our new alliance.

I asked if she did herself and she nodded vigorously: 'Of course! I like it very much.'

'How?' I asked and she spread her thighs and showed me, rubbing one side of her vulva, and sometimes with these, indicating the unfinished dishes. My puzzled look brought her to her feet with a bashful giggle. Eyes down, she reclaimed her pyjamas, stacked our plates and went to the kitchen. For a few moments I thought I had caused offence but suddenly she reappeared and shyly held out a smooth, slim egg-plant and a long green cucumber.

My reaction must have suggested I wanted a demonstration because she shook her head. I looked as disappointed as possible and she conceded, drawing upon her limited English, with: 'OK we do together next week.' I nodded enthusiastically at both her language accomplishment and her offer. She laughed happily and asked what foreign women use. I found vibrator in the dictionary but got only a blank look. Something was obviously lost in translation. Then I pointed to banana and her eyes lit up.

Very good but too expensive in China, she explained but gave me a wicked grin when I promised to buy bananas at the weekend.



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