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My Buddy's Wife

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I was spending the weekend with my friends, my buddy and I were going to go fishing in the morning. We went to bed early to get up early to go fishing. I was sleeping in the guest room on the first floor. As I was coming from the bathroom before bed I saw my friends wife on the couch with a little short robe on, and I could see her pink panty covered ass hanging out as she watched tv. I've always had a bit of a crush on her, but we are just good friends. Well I have a reputation as being a very sound sleeper. People joke about it all the time. I took off my t-shirt and was just in a pair of boxer shorts. As I lay on the bed, I was on top of the covers as it was warm out, I couldn't stop thinking about kim's ass in those pink panties.

After about 10 minutes I started getting semi hard and I started to stroke very slowly. Let me say there was a yard light on the side of the barn which stayed on all night. It lit up that guest room through the window pretty well.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I stopped stroking but my cock was still out and semi-hard. I pretended to be asleep. Kim wispered my name a couple times as she came in the room. Through half open eyes I could see her jump a little when she saw my cock. She went to the closet and carefully opened the door to get something, but I could see her looking over at my cock. As she turned I could see her open her robe and her hand slide down into her panties. As I watched her I was getting more and more aroused, and my cock was starting to stand up a bit. I could hear her breathing starting to quicken and a little whimper slipped out from her. I couldn't take it anymore I reached down and started stroking my cock.

She stopped for a second or two but then started again. Kim pushed her panties down her thighs and was really going to town. I had leaked so much pre cum I was well lubed and couldn't hold back. I came harder than I had in a long time. A few seconds later I could hear her moaning and see Kim shuddering. We got quiet for a minute, I was panting and still oozing cum. Kim picked up my t-shirt and proceeded to wipe her hand and her pussy, then she threw the t-shirt at me and walked out of the room. I grabbed that shirt and started smelling and licking it, I was rock hard again in no time. While smelling and tasting that shirt I came to a second raging orgasm.

As I finished I looked up to see Kim peeking in the door with her hand in her panties again. I saved that shirt and used the sheet to clean up my cum. I wanted to leave her a present. Different clean sheets were on the bed when I went to bed the next night. We never spoke about what happened, but she did smile at me everytime our eyes met and no one was looking. I hope we can do this again some time. I think about her often while jerking off and even when I'm with other women.



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