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My Buddy's Apartment

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My buddy James' apartment is kind of a party house where me and my friends usually go to hang. Not long ago, his roomie moved out so now he has an extra bedroom, and after many nights I have ended up crashing at his place.

One morning after I slept over, I woke up pretty early, because we had planned on grabbing breakfast, I hung around waiting for James to get up, watching tv and reading random books and stuff. After awhile I got bored and decided to wake him up. I knocked on his door and when he didn't answer I went in. He was still sleeping, lying on his stomach and naked, but all I could see was his butt. Even though I had never seen James nude before, I had known him for a really long time and I couldn't see much so I didn't think it was a big deal. I called his name loudly to wake him up and he did. He looked at me and when he realized he was mooning me I started laughing at him and left his room after I told him he should get up soon because it was past noon.

After a few minutes he came out of his room with a towel wrapped around his waist and he headed to the living room where I was. We talked for a bit and then he went to have a shower. After he got out I asked him if I could have one too (because it was a hot summer day and his apartment had no AC), and I asked where I could get a towel. James came back to the living room, still with only a towel wrapped around his waist, and gave me a new one to use. I was watching an episode of something on dvd and wanted to finish watching it first, and James sat down and started watching it with me.

After it was over, I left him there and went to have my shower. When I left the bathroom I returned to the living room in my towel to grab my backpack and new clothes to wear. He was still watching tv there in his towel except now his feet were up and I could see his junk hanging out. I sat on the other side of the couch. After awhile he started complaining about how hot it was and how he didn't want to get dressed, and how he usually stays naked when he's alone. This didn't really weird me out because I pretty much do the same thing. When I looked over for a second though I could see that he was getting hard under his towel, which he had by then pretty much taken off and bunched over his dick to hide it.

He seemed awkward so I didn't tease him. After it went away I guess, he got up to get some water and left his towel behind, which I didn't realize until he walked back buck naked with a semi flopping around. I was a little shocked at first because I wasn't expecting that, but I actually really don't mind being naked around friends, even though it doesn't happen much. He stood nearby drinking and when I finally got over the initial shock, I mentioned how funny it was that he shaved his entire dick and balls even though he was pretty hairy everywhere else. When he started defending his practice, I took off my towel to reveal my also shaved package to prove I was just kidding.

As we were talking I couldn't help staring at his dick...it didn't look much bigger than mine, but his balls were huge and hung pretty low. I started noticing that the more I looked at it, the bigger it was getting, to the point where it was more than a semi but less than full hard on. While watching this I got a pretty big semi too. At one point James turned away to face the tv more, but I'm pretty sure it was because he got full hard and hid it until he could turn around again.

After talking like this for about 15 minutes it was obvious that we were staring at each others junk, but neither of us acknowledged it. Eventually I kinda lost control over my semi and it became fully hard, and James got a boner right after. Then it got really awkward and we both stopped talking but were still stealing glances of each others erections while we pretended to watch tv. While his head was turned, I kept stared at his dick...it was so hard it was visibly throbbing. I had watched porn and jacked off with other friends before and it wasn't awkward, but this felt totally different for some reason and I didn't know what to say or do.

Then james did something I had never seen any guy do before. He started leaking precum out of his boner, but not just a bit, a lot, and it didn't stop. After about a minute of that I said something like 'dude your making a puddle!' and he was like 'oh shit, sorry I haven't jacked off in like four days' and laughed a bit, which broke the tension again. He sat down beside me and put his feet up so now his boner was leaking onto his stomach then he said 'do you care if I' and made the international symbol for jacking off. I said 'yeah I don't care as long as I can to' and we both started rubbing our dicks.

When James started on his I noticed that the flow of his precum steadily increased...it honestly looked like he was cumming a bit with every stroke. I commented on it saying how I wish I had that much precum because I like jerking off with lube and it looked like he didn't really ever need that. He said it's way too much and joked that I could have his extra if I needed it. By this time we were fully going at it. I called him on his joke and said 'yeah sure I could really use some extra' and laughed. There was about 10 seconds of silence then he stood up and turned to me...standing directly over me with his boner pointing towards mine.

When he started jacking his cum flowed onto my dick. I honestly didn't think he was going to do it, but when he did it turned me on a lot because I had never done anything like that before. After about a minute, we both started jerking off like crazy and his precum was landing all over me. Then james crouched lower and grabbed and started jerking our dicks together. It was so slippery and his big balls were hitting mine with every stroke. I came first and he came almost right after, and his load was huge. After a few seconds of panting, he got up off of me and said he was going to have another shower, then I had one too. It was really awkward again for a few hours but everything went back to normal by the end of the day. I don't think it will happen again because I think we both are too awkward about it, but it was really fun!



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