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My Buddy Taught Me - Follow Up

Posted by: Author: Age: 76 Posted on: 2 comments
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My male to male sex life picked up again at age 62


Although I had opportunities after 17 I passed on them all. At 22 I shared an apartment in Hollywood with a similar age guy.. I'm not "hung", the opposite.. we both slept naked and I saw his huge cock everyday.. made me so jealous.. we were into a lot of hetero sex.. Saw his cock hard, at least 9 and thick, when we were sharing the same girl in the apartment.. After two years together he hit on me, I was shocked..passed on the opportunity(regret it today)..he then told me about his teen experiences with buddies in Canada.. four/five guys at a time, orgies.. I travelled on business in those days, salesman...I've read where guys get hit on in hotel bars, etc. never happened to me..I worked at trade shows in cities across the USA. I was 22, there was an older guy that exhibited across from me at the shows..always hinting about sex.. all sorts of comments.. again I passed.. in those days I was doing well with MF sex and wanted to marry, didn't want to fall into "queer" lifestyle, word of the day, before "gay" entered the vocabulary. I did marry.. Sex life with my wife was just ok.. she wasn't very adventuresome.. now as a senior she is no longer interested. When I was about 62 a same age cousin was in CA on business. As teens we j/o together.. He invited me to stay at his hotel.. he didn't mention there was only one bed for the two of us..hadn't slept in a bed with a guy since age five, and that was with him...after dinner we started talking about wives losing interest, etc... he made a suggestion, then reached over to touch my cock and balls (we were in our underwear at the time)... seconds later we were on the bed naked enjoying m2m sex for the first time in years for both of us.. His wife would leave town to visit relatives on occasion.. he lived in NYC area.. when she was gone I would arrange a trip to visit him.. happened a few times.. we had the privacy of his home...showers together afterwards, rimming and oral. passionate love making.. no hurry plenty of time to enjoy each other. during the day whenever one of us felt horny we would start again.. morning, afternoon and night of sex for three or four days...what memories.. His wife passed away and he was looking forward to my visiting for longer periods..my wife didn't mind, she was off to her hometown to visit a best friend.... sadly before that could take place he too passed away.. I have a buddy here in L A, younger guy, about 40 that loves to be with an older man, I sure do qualify.. we meet on occasion in a local motel for some great times.. showers then all the activities I described above with my cousin.. We are both passionate lovers and have an afternoon of slow m2m sex satisfying each others m2m sexual needs... lots of kissing, passionate love making. Not far from my home is an all male bath house... they have a whirlpool, steam and sauna rooms .. most importantly private rooms for sex.. I have gone with a few buddies at times... being closeted it's most freeing.. can be yourself, everyone knows why you are there.. most guys show up alone and hope to hook up.. not hard to do..btw guys don't walk in public areas naked, always with a towel wrapped around.. I don't visit alone, not interested in sex with guys I haven't met before... not particularly safe.. I belong to a website where guys post profiles with their desires, chat room, etc..international site, guys from all over the world that enjoy male to male sex...there are lots of us, especially married guys whose wives aren't taking care of them..you can search by your own city and surrounding areas.. I met my buddy there and a few other guys too. here I am at 76 having the best sex of my life.. couldn't ask for more... hoping when the time comes the undertaker will have to pry my hand off of my cock LOL. Enjoy life folks, you only get one shot at it!!



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