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My Bubbly Neigbhor

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I live in a compound of two-story studio-type residential units. There are 16 units all in all. I occupy the third unit at the second floor. The second unit is vacant, and a lady now in her late 20s occupies the first. She moved in only about two weeks ago.

Her name is Jet. She's very friendly, bubbly and vivacious by nature. She is always ready to give a smile, and the first one who would strike a conversation every time you get the chance to meet her in the alley. Physically, she's tall - about 5'5', a bit chubby, sporting a long and straight hair, her butt and bust are of normal sizes, and fair in complexion.

One early morning, she came to ask me to help her change the light bulb in her room. She told me that she could not reach the ceiling. So we went to her room.

To reach the ceiling, we improvised a 'ladder'. We placed a wooden study table just below the light bulb. But we estimated that the height was not enough, so we put a chair on top of the table where I would climb to reach the ceiling.

She cheerfully held the chair so that when I climb, the chair won't move and it would be an easy climb for some amateur home fixers with improvised solutions! Soon, I was standing at the chair. With my left palm against the ceiling, I looked down with my right hand reaching for the new bulb. She happily handed me the bulb. She was looking up. Then I reached for the bulb socket.

While I was doing this, something came to mind. I put my right foot at the chair's backrest while my left foot was on the seat. I intentionally positioned myself this way to show her something! I am a discreet exhibitionist, and a regular masturbator, and that I should know what to do in this particular situation. I was wearing a loose boxers and a loose t-shirt. And I know that by opening my legs this way, I could expose my groin area (not to mention, my whole genital) to her whose face was just about a foot away from my knees. I also know that I could 'encourage' her to look in that direction without getting embarrassed because I was looking above at the ceiling and the bulb socket. I purposely delayed my moves to change the bulb to give her more time to enjoy my teaser. My dick started to grow then. I could feel the air from the electric fan hitting my thighs and my penis' head. And it was sensational. Since the show should appear unintentional, I then announced that the job is done. She answered back and said that I should really and perfectly fit the bulb to the socket, allowing more time to expose my genitals to her. Then I started to move down.

We cheerfully fixed our improvised ladder, putting them in their right places. I sat down at the chair across her as she sat down at the edge of her bed. We looked at the light bulb and laughed incessantly. We had exchanges of smiles and laughter as we admire our simple accomplishment. We were laughing when she interrupted saying naughtily: 'but you don't wear briefs, do you?!' Then she laughed teasingly. I didn't say anything. I just smiled and tried to laugh back. She repeated while shrugging her shoulders gracefully: 'you don't wear briefs, do you?' So I replied: 'how did you know? Have you seen me not wearing a brief?' And she answered back: 'you're just being defensive! Come on, don't be shy, don't deny!' And she continued to laugh with all her might looking at me at the face.

I stood up and said: 'I'll go now, the light is fixed...'

She stood up too and said: 'Stop. You're just pissed off, right? You're not going yet!'

Then I sat down again, my penis started to go flaccid maybe because I felt a bit embarrassed. She stood right in front of me and said: 'it's perfectly okay not to wear briefs. I know it's more comfortable for you guys!'

She held my face and said, 'Now you really have to show me that thingy in your shorts!' She was smiling, yet very much in control.

So I told her to sit down in front of me, in her earlier position, and she did. She was looking intently on me. I stood up from the chair, and removed my t-shirt. Then we exchanged smiles. I danced teasingly as I started to remove my shorts. I did it very slowly and we would look into each other's eyes. And most of the time, we were smiling.

I sat down, lifted my butt a bit and pulled down shorts to my ankle then kicked it off to her. She grasped covering her mouth when I opened my legs and exposing my genitals to her. My dick and balls are shaved, and I enjoyed exposing my cut private.

Then I put my feet on her knees and spreading my legs wide apart. I thrusted my self up, showing her my anus as I started to stroke my penis. She reached out for her lotion which was just at the other end of the bed and handed to me. I put a great amount of lotion on my palm, and rubbed it against my penis and scrotum. I did it very gently and tenderly. I took a grip of my shaft just exposing the head of my penis, then I continued stroking it. She was watching me intently. She was biting her lower lips.

When I started to feel I was about to come, I could not control the trembling of my legs, still my feet on her knees. Then I stiffened and threw my head up and allowed my sperms to squirt. The first shot when up and landed on my left thigh, then the succeeding ones on my belly. She reached out to my penis and continued stroking it. I shot a lot in my belly, and she just continued to rub my penis gently while I also continued to tremble; I was then perspiring a lot.

Then she rubbed the sperms in my belly like a lotion. Then she told me to lay on her bed, she said: 'you better lay down in the bed. I know you are exhausted'. I was knocked down that I fell asleep for about 15 minutes.

I will keep the other things that happened after in my succeeding stories.



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