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My Brother's Roommate

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It was 1973, I was 14, and very excited to visit my older brother at college in New Orleans.

We were going to his frat party Friday night, and his roommate Tim, my brother and I hit the dorm showers to get ready.

I had never seen anybody naked before in my life, and here I was in a huge shower, probably 20 naked guys laughing and kidding around taking a shower. Everywhere I looked there was dicks. Big ones, little ones, fat ones, hairy ones, big balls, little balls, some hanging low, some tight. I looked over and saw my brother vigorously lathering his dick up, seeing it for the first time in my life. I looked over at his roommate Tim, and saw his was not only the biggest in the room, but looked really odd. A big flap of skin hung down over his dick head. I was so naïve, I didn't know about circumcision, and this was really odd. Being shy, I averted my eyes, and quickly went back to the room and got changed.

We all went to the party, and I had a great time. The guys and girls were really nice to me, and I even got to dance with a couple of the girls. At the end of the night, my brother told me he was going home with one of the girls, and that he would see me in the morning. Tim and I walked back to the dorm, Tim muttered the whole way back about how lucky my brother was. When we got back to the room, Tim turned on the TV, pulled his clothes off, and laid on top of his bed naked watching some old movie. I pulled my clothes off, and even though I never slept naked, I wasn't about to be a nerd and put on my pj's in my bag. I slipped off my tightie whities, and slid under my brothers covers. The TV was at the face of Tim's bed, so I propped up on my elbow, and watched. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see Tim legs apart, absently scratch his stomach, and his nut sack. Tim glanced over, and saw me, and asked if I was uncomfortable with nudity, and slipped his legs under the covers, and pulled them over his crotch. I must have turned beet red, and I stammered out 'no, no problem at all. Its just I've never seen anyone naked before'.

'you're kidding right? What about your brother?'

'not before tonight'

He smiled at me, and said, 'Well no big deal. We've all got the same thing'.

'Can I ask you a personal question' I timidly asked.


I hesitated, summoned up the courage and said 'Um.. just curious.. but why do you have skin over your dick head?'

He laughed. Then he apologized, and said he was sorry, and calmly explained the whole issue of uncircumcised and circumcised penises.

All I could do was say 'oh, but isn't it uncomfortable when you have sex?' He explained that the skin slid away, and that it actually made it better. I must have looked perplexed, because he pulled his covers back, and motioned for me to come over by his bed. I stood next to his bed, and he took his dick, and retracted the foreskin. 'See? Just like you now.' He released the skin, and I watched in amazement as the head quickly disappeared under its sheath. I bent down, and he did it again. 'now you see it, now you don't' he said, and I laughed. 'Go ahead... you try it'

I tentatively reached down, placed my thumb on the front, my index finger on the back, and slid it down, revealing his dick head, then I let go. Watching it disappear. Tim was suddenly quiet, then whispered, 'again' I did it again, and his dick started to inflate, I held his covered dick, watching his dick balloon and harden in seconds, then the head began to appear out of his foreskin, with no retraction by me. Quickly he was fully engorged, a dick a good 3 inches longer than mine, and at least twice as wide.

I felt Tim's hand slide up my inner thigh, and cup my dick and nuts, gently squeezing them. He pulled on my limp dick, and I quickly joined him in a state of arousal. He scooted over in his twin bed, and without releasing me, motioned for me to lay down next to him. He took his other hand, and placed it over mine on his dick, and guided it down to the base, and back up to tip, I watched as his foreskin covered and uncovered. I felt his hand on my dick, at the same pace. He reached his hand above him, and grabbed some hand lotion from his cubby, and squirted it onto his dick, and then mine. It felt so awesome... both feeling his slick hard dick sliding in my hand, but the warm slow stroking from Tim. He would linger at the head, and swirl his thumb around it, lightly torturing me with pleasure. I felt the eminent release building quickly, and laid back and closed my eyes. When the orgasm started, it swelled to a totally new level inside me, and I shuddered and shot cum onto my stomach and chest. Tim released his hand, and took his own cock into it, and began to furiously pump himself. He was staring at my cum soaked stomach, when he arched his back, and came as well. He wiped his hand on his chest, then asked me to reach down and grab his t-shirt, which he used to clean both of us up.

'You ok?' he asked.

I breathed in heavily. I felt confused. 'I guess. I mean that felt unbelievable. But I feel guilty, or dirty or something' I confessed.

He replied as he gently rubbed my chest and shoulder with his hand 'Don't. That was just between you and me. No one else will ever know. We just needed a release, and it felt great. Don't let yourself play mind games'

'Stay here tonight. If you want to do it again, just touch me, ok?'


Tim leaned down and kissed my nipple lightly, then smiled at me, and rolled over and soon was asleep.

I woke up, and my arm was draped over Tim's side, my hand on his stomach, my hard dick was pressed against his soft ass cheek. I lay there, listening to his slow breathing, and feeling his stomach expand and retract. I ran my hand slowly down his stomach, feeling his silky pubic hairs, then his soft dick. I slowly felt his dick up, and noticed Tim's breathing change as it expanded. He rolled onto his back, and said 'that feels nice.' I jerked him slowly, playing with his foreskin, and his warm cum drip down my hand as he let out a slight gasp, as he came for me the second time. I grabbed the t shirt, and wiped his chest, as he reached over and masturbated me to orgasm in less than two minutes, then wiped me with his t shirt. I said thanks, and rolled over, this time not feeling guilty, only a glow.

I was awakened by the feeling of my chest being rubbed, and my dick being pulled. The morning light was just breaking through the windows. I looked over at Tim, and he whispered, one last time, then you need to get back in your brothers bed, before he comes home. This time, Tim leaned down and tongued my nipple to extreme pleasure and hardness, as he jerked me off. Again I exploded, and returned the favour to Tim. It was 7: 00 when I returned to my brothers bed, and fell asleep again. I woke up at nine, and looked over at Tim, and he was asleep facing me, the covers pulled back, his big dick hard with morning wood. I stared at him, and beat off one last time, staring at his nakedness. I came hard for the fourth time in 9 hours, but producing little cum this time. I was rubbing the small trace into my skin, when I saw Tim roll over, and start to beat off, this time staring at me. I gave him a full view of my thin hairless body, and watched him stare at my cock, then cum again.

We got up, had our showers, and came back to the room. Tim laughed when we entered, threw open the windows and said 'Shit this place reeks of spunk! Your brother is going to know what we did if we don't air this place out fast. He flipped on the fan, buried the cum crusted t shirt in the bottom of his laundry. When my brother returned an hour later, non the wiser.

After that night, I begged my parents to visit my brother whenever possible. The weekends where all three of us were in the dorm were a great disappointment, but when my brother got a serious girlfriend his junior year, I had Tim to myself two nights in a row. Our exploits graduated to other things.

My brother was shocked to find out in the late eighties that Tim was gay, when he came out. And when I came out in the early nineties, I know it bothered him that maybe we had had sex in those college days, but as Tim had said all those years ago, 'this was just between me and him'.



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