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My Brother's Penis

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This happened when I was seventeen and a graduating high school senior. My brother, John, was eighteen and had just finished his first year of college and had returned home for the summer.

My two best girlfriends, Judy and Christine, were over at our house visiting one day, while my parents were both out of the house shopping for the afternoon. John was out by the pool laying in the sun, and I and my friends were sitting in our family room just talking, when Judy suddenly asked me if I had ever seen my brother John's penis. Christine just laughed and said a lot of the kids at school gossiped about how they had heard that John had a locker-room reputation from his senior year. Guys talked about how big a penis John had, and this sort of information had caused a lot of curiosity among some of the girls. Well, I just said NO! I really had never seen my brother's penis since we were very small children.

Just then, John came in from out by the pool. He was all glistening from sweat and suntan oil, and he only had his bathing suit on. His bathing suit was not a tight one, rather one of those kind of baggy ones that really is not very revealing of anything. He said Hi, and started to head for the stairs to go up to his room. John is a very good looking, athletic guy, but he is kind of shy.

Judy stopped him by saying, 'Hey John, where are ya goin?' (I'm thinking, 'oh no.'). John just says, 'up to my room.' Christine says, 'Could you wait a minute? We want you to do something for us.' (I'm about ready to die at this point.)

John just stood there looking at us, like waiting for someone to say something else. Christine and I look at Judy, who says, 'Would you show us your penis?' John turns red in the face and says, 'You must be crazy!' Before I could tell John to just go on up to his room, Christine says to John, 'If you will show us, then I'll give you a special reward!'

Now Judy and Christine are both really precious, beautiful girls, and John has always had something of a crush on Christine. But being so shy, he's never acted on his feelings. At this moment, I notice that Christine has spread her legs toward where John is standing and is subtly rubbing her hand between them so that John can see her doing this. He says, 'What kind of reward are you talking about?' and Christine says, 'You'll just have to wait and see!'

John is still red-faced, but I notice that there is a bulge out of the front of his swim suit. But he walks over toward the three of us and says, 'Ok, you asked for it!' With that he puts his thumbs into the elastic waistband of the trunks and pulls it down in front enough so that he reveals his penis in a sort of pushed-down by the waistband kind of way. Then he pulls it back up just as fast. 'There, are you happy?' he asks.

The three of us just gasped and there was a moment of silence. But now John is the one laughing as he sees the looks on our faces. He looked straight at me and I had to turn away from my brother's stare. Now Judy says to me and Christine, 'Well I don't know about you all, but I am more than just a little turned on!' and she walks over close to John and says, 'Take off those trunks all the way!' and she begins to pull her own shorts down. Christine says, 'Wait, I've got an idea...'

Christine suggests that John go up to his room, and we go up to my room, which is down the hall from John's. We will call John when we are 'ready' for him. By now, John's trunks are sticking way out in front. So we all go upstairs, John to his room and me and my friends to mine. Christine's idea is for the three of us to strip, get under the covers in my bed, side by side, with the covers pulled up over our heads, and the foot of the covers pulled up enough to just show our pussies. So this is what we do and then we call John into my room!

When John comes in, there we are, uncovered from the waist down. I'm a natural blonde, and Judy and Christine are both brunettes. Since John will probably recognize which one I am, I say, 'Guess who's who and you get your special treat!'

We could not see John, but he was standing there, stark naked, with a huge erection, staring at us. He guessed me first(it's obvious). 50-50 chance and he actually correctly picked out Christine and Judy, who were giggling uncontrollably now anyway. We threw the covers off of us to see John standing there holding his enormous penis in his hand. It is oozing precum, and he has a strange look on his face, sort of intense. Christine says, 'Oh my God!' as we stared at John's giant hard on. It had to be at least eight inches long and very, very thick.

Then it happened. We all heard a car coming into the driveway out front. My parents were home! Everyone rushed around getting dressed. John disappeared to his room. My parents made a couple of trips back and forth from the car, bringing in their purchases, and just called 'We're home!' as they went about their business. My friends said hello to my parents as they winked at me and left to go to their homes. John did not come down from his room.

A short while later, my mom told me to go see if John was home and tell him that dinner would be ready within an hour. When I went back upstairs, I saw that his door was shut. Well, we each have our own bathrooms, but these have a common door between them which stays closed (and I hoped was not locked at this time!). I turned the knob and it opened! I looked into John's bathroom, which was steamy from the shower, but he was not in there. However, the door to his bedroom was open about half-way. So I sneaked through his bathroom and stood at the half-opened door, looking into John's room. John had a full-length mirror on his closet door and I saw him standing in front of it, watching himself as he masturbated! So, when he had gone to his room when our parents came home, he had taken a shower and then decided to take care of himself after my friends (and I) had got him so worked up!

Suddenly he saw my reflection in the mirror standing in his bathroom doorway watching him! But it was too late for either of us to make a move because he, at that very moment, began to ejaculate, spattering the mirror and the floor with his semen. All he said was 'Holy shit, Katie!' as he finished his orgasm. I just shut the door and went to my room. I felt so horrible about how I and my friends had 'abused' my brother earlier, and now I had completely invaded his most private moments. I feel like such a terrible person for it, and I love my brother so much that I hope I can somehow make it up to him someday. But he sure does have a huge penis!



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