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My Brothers Girlfriend

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I don't really know what my sexual preference is. I have had a little experience with boys, though haven't gone the whole route yet.I don't know why this happened...it just did that is all.


Last Wednesday I was home alone and feeling bored. Sometimes when I have the house to myself I like to wander around naked. It turns me on and I like the idea that someone may pass by and see me. I hadn't had a lot of sleep the previous night because my shit assed brother had taken advantage of our parents being away for a few days and had brought his girlfriend home and all I heard all night was them having sex. I suppose I was a bit jealous too coz it sure sounded like they were having a whole heap of fun in there.

Anyway, they had both gone out and I was feeling horny so I thought I would go take care of myself. I walked up the stairs and passed by his room. I opened the door. I don't know what I was expecting to see, but I was just curious I guess. The scent of sex was really strong in there. I swear I could smell pussy as well as a brackish, sweaty scent too. I stood in the doorway thinking about the sounds I had heard and my hand strayed to my pussy. I imagined Claire on her back getting laid on all fours. I imagined Mike pounding her and groaning as he cummed in her. (I think they did some kinky stuff too coz I heard some muffled talk about Claire peeing on Mike.) I was getting off real good and not far off cumming when I spotted Claire's panties crumpled up on the floor near the bed. I walked in and picked them up. I guessed that Mike and she had made out before the serious action started and that she had gotten horny in them. Just holidng another girl's panties felt kinda naughty and kinda hot too. I fingered them for a little and found the crotch which was still very damp from last night. I thought about her pussy swelling up like mine does, and her clit getting hard and her pussy wetting up. (It sure as hell had done that!) Then I just put them to my face and licked them. The scent was soft and feminine and totally hot. I actually sucked at the crotch real hard and imagined Claire cumming into them. That's when I cummed too, and so hard. As my orgasm happened, the scents seemed to get so much stronger and more erotic. I took the panties from my face and finished up the orgasm by pressing Claire's juices into my own.

Then I lay on Mike's bed to rest. I lay there just thinking. Would I lick Claire for real? (Yes, I think I would) I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew was Claire gently waking me up. I realised with great embarrassment that I was lying there, naked, with her panties in my hand. Claire obviously had seen, and she sat on the edge of the bed and gently took them from me. I was too freaked to say a word though. Claire seemed to understand and said 'Its ok Abbi, I was curious too at your age. If you want to explore more, you can keep these or....' I said 'Or what?' She said 'Or you can explore me.' I said I really didnt know what I wanted to do, but that I did want to explore more. There was one of those really difficult silences before I took her hand and put it on my tummy. Claire seemed to know what I wanted and I parted my legs as she gently explored my sex and brought me to another lovely orgasm. Then I heard my shitass brother honking the horn outside and Claire said 'I have to go sweetie... I'm sorry.'

The next day, Claire and I got some private time together and we explored a little more.



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