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My Brothers Cumrag

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All true...hope you enjoy!


This all started when I was like 15 and my brother was 3 years older.

I had been into anything to do with jo for a couple years and it was common for me to jo at least everyday if not more. I loved everything about it and loved talking about it with my mates.

Not long after my 15th birthday we had some family come and stay and I had to give them my room to stay in whilst they were their. That meant I had to share with my older brother, who was not happy to say the least.

The day they arrived I had gone to set up my bed on a matress on his bedroom floor which would be my sleeping area for the next week. It was a small room and like any guys room was messy with dirty clothes around and just nothing really had it's place. I set up the bed which was right next to his bed, it meant he had to either step over me or get in from the end of his bed.

The first night we went to bed was when I first got a smell of something I knew. We had gotten into our beds and he decided to read. I was laying their when I smelled what smelled like a cumrag, I know this because I use one myself. I turned over and was facing his bed when I happened to look under it and see a pair of what looked to be boxers all rolled up in a ball.

I reached in and pulled it out and as soon as I saw how yellow it was and smelled the strong cum smell I knew it was his cumrag.

He must have seen me reaching under his bed because he asked 'What the heck are you doing?' I said 'nothing.' Then he leaned over before I had a chance to put it back and he saw his rolled ball of cum stained boxers on the floor next to me. He reached down and grabbed it asking 'What the heck was I doing with them'. I did not know what to do, and said I could smell something and reached in to get it. I said that I also have a cumrag and knew the smell well.

He asked me what I used, and I said 'an old t-shirt at the moment'. Then we seemed to understand each other and started talking about masturbating, how often we did it, etc.

After awile I said that I had a thing for cumrags, and would often sniff mine to get off, and always look for my mates rags when I used to stay over. He seemed shocked and then asked if I had been sniffin his. I said yes, and he didn't know what to say or do. Then he asked if I liked the smell of them. I told him I didn't have a good chance to sniff before he reached for them. He then asked if I wanted to 'sniff' them again? I of course said yes, so he just got them from his bedside table where he had placed it and gave them to me.

Here I was with my hot older brother's cumrag in my hand, I brought them to my face and started sniffin deep. In no time my sheet was tented from my boner I had gotten from the smell. I looked at my brother who had watched me the whole time sniffing his cumstained boxers cumrag. He had also got a tent under his sheet.

That night he watched me for about 30 minutes sniffin his rag, then said that he may need them back because he needs to cum in them. I said sure and gave them back. He turned off the light and I heard him masturbating under his sheet, to which I was also doing. I heard him say 'ohhh fuckk' as he came. About 1 minute later he turned the light on again and looked to see me pumping my cock under the sheets. He smiled then held the pair of boxers up with fresh cum all over them. I just smiled and said mmmmmmmm. He asked me if I wanted to sniff them again and I said yes. He gave them to me and as I took them, he said that If I wanted to lick them I could. I didn't need to be told again.

I sniffed them deep and layed them on my face, licking the fresh still warm cum from them. After about 5 minutes of doing this I said I was also going to cum. He said to save making a mess I could use his rag.

I blew the best load into brother's rag that night. Every night for the rest of the week with sharing with him we did the same, he got to leaving on the light as he jerked off. And even by the last night had pulled down the sheet so I could watch it all. He always loved watching me sniff his rag and lick his cum from it, then add mine. He even did it again on that last night after I had blown in his rag, said it was like lube, my cum in it as he jerked off.

I am 22 now and this is still going on, I have done a few of his mates rags and stuff, and even though he is married he still keeps a good rag for me when I visit and stay over, and still enjoys watching me, and has even on the odd occasion had a sniff and lick himself of the rag.

Thanks for reading and if you want to, leave a comment.



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