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My Brother Ties My Hands

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My Brother Ties My Hands
I am 15 and my brother is 19. He showed me how to masturbate and has shown me lots of ways to do it. He usually does himself, then he does me, then he lets me practice on him and me. I think it's cool that my brother would teach me these things.
Well. One night when we went to the bedroom (which we still share our room and king size bed) he told me not to take my clothes off for bed yet.  I asked him why and he told me he had a surprise for me.  So I just laid down on the bed and in a few minutes (after he checked and made sure the door was locked by the way), he sat down beside me and put his arm around my shoulder and said, Bro.  I am going to do you good tonight.  I said what do you mean and he said he was going to treat me good.  So he told me stand up in front of him and just stand there and don't do nohting and I did.  
He slowly stripped me of all my clothes.  He would rub me in different places as he pulled my shirt off and pants off and shoes and socks.  He stripped me of everything I had on.  That's ok cause he's seen me naked before so I didn't mind.  I was just thinking he was going to jack me off. Well, after I was naked he turned me around and he played with my butt a little and massaged my hole and I thought he was going to put his dick in it but he didn't.  I got a little scared but he didn't do it.  So anyways, after a while he turned me around to face him and of course my dick was pointing straight up and hard and he masaged it a little and then he told me to lay down.  Then he told me he was going to loosely tie my hands (wrist) to my ankles and I would be able to do nothing about how slow he was going to make me cum.  My heart started pounding out my chest.  I asked him about the safe word and he asked me where I heard about safe words.  I just smiled at him and he smiled and shook his head and all this time he was tieing me up.  He said the only safe word I needed was to say stoppit.  If I said stop.  Please stop.  or anything else he would not.  I had to say stoppit.  That;s because we never tell each other to just stop.  We always have said stoppit.  
Well, I was tied I thought not so loosely cause I couldn't get loose but he got some lube stuff called WET! and put it on his hand and started massaging my dick and like going from my balls up and letting go almost to go back to my balls and up my dick again.  He did this for a long time and I started wiggling around (cause that is all I could do) and after a while I started begging him to let me cum cause I wanted to cum and my dick was really hard and throbbing.  I have never really had my dick throb before I don't guess.  I've heard about it before.  Anways.  To make a long story short (like my dick) he did it to me for a LONG time and finally I said please let me cum i can't stand it anymore and he started jacking me off quick then and when i shot i thought my dick had busted open.  I shot up my chest and even a few drops of cum landed on my mouth.  When he finally untied me I was so sore I culd hardly walk to the bathroom.  It was fun and it's gonna be more fun tonight cause he told me I could do him if I wanted to.  That's after I begged him to let me do it.  He didn't just valunteer.  But I certainly want him to do me again sometime like that. It was the most awesome thing to be tied up and jacked off so slow. I thought I was going to scream out loud before he let me cum. That's my cool brother, though. He's awesome.



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