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My Brother Shows Me How

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True story of how I finally understood what those late night noises were coming from my brothers bed.


All through my childhood and teenage years I shared a bedroom with my brother. My brother is only a year older than I am and when you shared a room with your brother nothing was private. We saw each other naked all the time. We took showers together, went skinny dipping, and slept with just our boxers on and usually ended up without those during our hot summers. When my brother started puberty six months ahead of me, both of us noticed. We started comparing our dick size and shape. How big our nuts were. How his dick was getting bigger and darker than mine. He often made a point to show me that he had more pubic hair than I did. I also remember how I would wake up late at night and he would be making all this noise over in his bed. When I asked him what he was doing he would tell me to be quiet and go back to sleep. In the summer of my thirteenth year I finally found out what all that late night noise was about. That summer my best friend showed me how to masturbate. Then one night I awoke to my brothers nocturnal noise making. Now that I knew what my brothers noise making was about my dick quickly became hard. I moved the bed sheet off me and tried to quietly stroke my now hard dick while I listened to him but he heard me and turned on the bedside light. With the light on I was able to see my brother with his hand around his hard dick and he saw me with my hand around my dick.

A little visual background. My brothers dick, even at 14 years old, was a straight 6.5' long with a bell shaped head that was just slightly bigger than his smooth shaft. My dick was 5.5' long also with a bell head but it was the same size as my upward curving shaft.

He smiled and started slowly stroking his dick. He asked me how long I had been jacking off. I told him about two weeks. He got up from his bed and came over to sit next to me on my bed. He asked me to show him how I jacked. I wrapped my hand around my dick and started to stroke my dry shaft. He said he knew a better way and would show me how. He reached over to his night stand and took out a bottle of pure aloe hand lotion. He put some in his hand and grabbed my dick and started to very lightly and slowly stroke it. I almost came right then. I laid back on the bed and let him stroke my dick. He told me to move my hips like I was fucking his hand so I started fucking his hand. I looked down and saw my dick moving in and out of his hand and knew I wouldn't last much longer. He tightened his grip and stroked faster. I could feel my cum building. I saw the head of my dick get even bigger. He started playing with my nuts, tugging on them as I tried to fuck his hand harder. I let out a load groan as I thrust my dick hard into his hand, again and again, I needed to cum. It was there ready. I thrust hard one last time and I saw my cum shoot out of my dick. I watched as it landed on my chest. Two, three more times my cum shot up from my dick onto my stomach and his hand. He kept stroking, getting the very last of my milky cum out of my dick until my dick got so sensitive I couldn't take any more and grabbed his hand to stop him.

My brother stood next to the bed with his dick pointing to the ceiling and giving a bounce with each beat of his heart. He said 'Come on bro, don't make me beg. My nuts are hurting. I need to cum. I need to cum now!' He put some lotion in my hand waited for me. I wrapped my hand around his dick. It was so much thicker than mine. I started to jack his dick, slowly, feeling the way the head of his dick moved over my fingers. His nuts were also bigger than mine and pulled tightly against the base of his dick. I rubbed these as I jacked him. He thrust his hips against my hand trying to make me go faster. He told me to quit teasing him and hand fuck his dick harder. 'come on, make me cum, I need to cum' I tightened my grip and pump his dick harder, faster. He yelled 'oh yah, oh yah, oh fuck!', he grabbed my shoulder as he started shooting cum across my bed. 2,3,4 ropes of white cum. The last spurts landing on my shoulder and arm. Both of us completely spent.

I considered this and other mutual jack offs we had as teenagers as special bonding moments. We were and still are close bros.



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