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My Brother Never Knew

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Re-post of one my first self-exploration episodes.... and I wasn't alone!


Sure I touched and explored my privates when I was younger, as most kids did. I rubbed my penis a number of times through my shorts or pyjamas ... lingered on the more 'sensitive areas'. But I never really had an all out, protracted, self-exploring, self-stroking session until one spring day after school.

It started as any other afternoon. My brother and I were home from school and watching TV. He was three years older and frequently exercised his seniority by dominating the TV remote. Although I was used to the situation, I was seldom happy with his program selection. In those days cable was ridiculously lame and stations choices were limited; this lead my brother to watch mostly cartoons. Boring!! Ugh! I know I was a still a kid but the afternoon cartoons really sucked. I would always get so bored that I would leave the couch and comb the kitchen for a snack or a cup of juice.

This one particular afternoon was no different! I stood up from the couch frustrated, bored, and anxious for something. I went to the kitchen and couldn't find a suitable snack. Nothing in the fridge and nothing in the cupboards. Darn! I sat in the dining room area which faced the back of the couch and the TV. Cartoons again! Ugh. I stared at the back of my brother's head wondering what he saw in these 'mindless' shows. He'd chuckle from time to time and never paid a mind to what I was doing or where I was going. As long as I didn't make a lot of noise and disrupt his TV enjoyment, I was 'invisible' and could do whatever I wanted.

I sat on the dining room chair staring blankly at the TV and bent my leg so my left knee was under my chin, my right foot still dangling to the floor. In those days boys wore relatively snug shorts so I had to adjust my crotch to bring my knee up. This manual repositioning felt kind of good. Even though I didn't need to, I found myself repositioning my penis beneath my shorts again and again. As I did this something new happened ... my penis started to change in size. It had done this before but this time was different. It grew larger and more firm. Moreover, it started to feel better and better the more I repositioned it. Eventually, I had to stand up to adjust it properly and allow it to expand unhindered by my underwear and shorts; I pushed it so it stood up straight and lay across my lower abdomen. As I sat down, again with my knee under my chin, I could physically slide the shaft side to side by pushing on either side of it from outside my shorts. The sensations were great and I felt a heat rising in me. I felt my torso and face get warm. I got lost in this discovery for several glorious minutes.

Finally realizing where I was, I panic! I looked up and was relieved when saw my brother still engrossed in the TV. (Naturally! Sheeze, he was so clueless but that was my advantage!) I went back to shifting my erect penis side to side. Wow, it felt nice. I could feel sensations on the front of the shaft as it rubbed the inside of my underwear (briefs) and on the back of the shaft as it slid across the skin of my lower abdomen. I did this for a long while (at least half a cartoon episode!) before becoming more brave. I began to wonder how it would feel if I wasn't wearing shorts!! So I stood up, right in my own dining room(!), and pulled my pants down. I marvelled at the bob of my erect penis as it was freed from its constricted state, man, it felt amazing. Here I was staring down at this wondrous part of my body (at the time there was scarcely any hair and it was probably only about four to five inches)! My brother could have easily turned his head saw me buck naked from the waist down. But he didn't! I knew he wouldn't but the thrill was indeed exciting!!

I stood there rubbing, stroking, fondling, and doing all kinds of things that felt good. Having a primal urge to thrust my hips, I even rubbed against the couch. My cock was so close to the back of my brother's head that he would have touched it if he tried to scratch the back of his neck. I didn't do that very long though because the fabric of the couch was rough and rather burned. Nevertheless, I couldn't believe how good it felt to touch myself. I kept alternating sitting down and rubbing it against my lower abdomen and then standing and swinging it from side to side and stroking the shaft. As this went on I could feel something building inside ... a very nice feeling. I felt myself get even warmer. Eventually there were some involuntary spasms but I don't think I had orgasm then - or if it was it was dry one (the surprise of ejaculation happened some time later!!).

Eventually the second TV program was ending. I rushed to put my pants back on and sat back in the chair and draped my shirt over my crotch. My brother finally turned to look at me. I'm sure my face was flushed because he asked what I was doing. I just told him watching TV like him but that it was hot and I wanted a drink. He said a few other things (which I don't recall) but never suspected a thing. I waited until he turned back to the TV before getting up for a glass of juice, I didn't want him to see the very noticeable bulge in my shorts!!



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