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My Brother Had a Huge One

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Being straight and everything I never thought I would tell anyone about me and my brother but here goes....


My brother is five years older than me and very muscular. We are in our thirties now but this happened when I was 17. My bro played football and his favorite past time was lifting weights.

We went camping with friends one hot August in the blazing heat and stayed out for 2 nights. At 22 he was 6 ft 1 inch tall and weighed 220 lbs. We played a lot of ball during the day, went swimming, met girls and just did a lot of stupid stuff. Well when it was time to go to bed the first night (we only had one small tent) I lay there in my underwear to fall asleep and he got into the tent nude.

He did something very weird, he turned around and put his feet near my face, and his head near my feet. I said what the hell are you doing? He replied I don't want you breathing on me all night, it is too hot!! He was completely flaccid as I checked several times, his testicles and penis very close to me. But during the night he started moaning and started putting his crotch near my face. I woke up and he had this huge hardon, very big and hairy and a little sweaty, on the top of my chest, close to my chin. He didn't wake up, didn't open his eyes, but all I remember him saying is 'yes take it'. I grabbed it feverishly and jerked him off like a mad man, with 2 hands, and I of course had a complete hardon and when I started jacking him off, he started doing the same to me. We both came all over our chests and didn't say a word. The next night I guess we had broken the ice the night before and felt more comfortable, although still very nervous but anxious to do even more because he had such a great athletic body and large penis.

The next night we both got into the tent nude, and he already had a huge hardon. He did the same thing, as the night before, he switched around and put his head near my feet. I could smell his big nasty size 12 feet and it turned me on so fast I got a huge erection immediately. This time without hesitation he put his huge hardon on my face and said smell good huh? I don't remember what I said, but I remember him saying now jerk that thing off and make it cum all over your face. I started doing as he said and with that, he did the same to me. His penis was dry and I spit on it to get it wet, he said do that again and I did 2 or 3 times to really get it lubricated. We both finally came all over ourselves, the amount was a lot and it smelled awful, but after we came we began laughing hysterically I think from the pressure and the nerves that had built-up and then had subsided. Anyway jerking it with my brother was the best time I ever had in my teenage years.



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