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My Brother and I, Secret

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One night, my brother and I were watching porn together and started jerking off together and then each other


I am not gay, bi or really even bi-curious, I just love to masturbate and had been a little curious about doing it with another guy as I had not even seen another guy's hard dick in real life. Anyway, from my other submissions you know that I had three step sisters and one real sister, but I also had a brother who was four years older. By the time my dad remarried, he was already living and working on his own in the same city. I used to go see him for a night or weekend sometimes when we had nothing else to do. He knew I was fucking my oldest step sister, but he knew nothing about the other two or our own sister. I knew he jacked off as we had this stack of porno mags we kept stealing from each other, before on-line porn was so available. Sometimes, before my dad was remarried he would come over for dinner and afterwards he would jack off in my room. I knew because he always left the cum on my blanket. That is actually what got me thinking about this.

So, one night I am over at his place and we're watching some porno videos he had acquired. I had an aching boner and could see by the bulge in his pants he did as well. I wanted to badly to jack off right then, but was not sure how to approach it. Quite unexpectedly, my brother tells me he is going to take a shower. I think he is going to pull one off and figure I will have time to as well. Once he leaves, I unzip my pants and start to stroke my cock. I can hear the shower shutoff after just a few minutes. I stuff my cock back in my pants and zip up just as Richard walks into the room. He is in a short thin robe and I can tell he has nothing under it by the bulge his cock is making. He tells me I can shower too if I want and there is another robe for me. My head is spinning a little and I am excited, but I figure I know where this is going.

I showered quickly, put on the robe and came back into his den. On the TV are two girls sixty-nining while the one on top is getting ass fucked by a guy with a huge cock. A bottle of olive oil and two hand towels are on the coffee table. Richard is unabashedly rubbing his cock under his robe and does not stop when I sit down next to him. Without looking at me he asks if I want to jack off as badly as he does. I stumbled out a yes. With that, he opened his robe and openly begins to stroke his cock and fondle his balls, shaved smooth like mine. I quickly do the same. I noticed after several minutes neither of us is watching the movie. We are watching each other. Pre-cum is draining from our hard dicks making our cocks glisten.

After a bit he grabs the oil, pours some all over his cock and balls and hands me the bottle. I do the same and we start to jack off. I love to play with my cock and balls and delay the actual orgasm as long as possible, so we are jacking off together for quite some time. I was fascinated watching his hand slide up and down his hard rod and fondling his loose balls. Finally, I can't take it anymore and blow a huge load all over my chest and stomach. I guess that was it for Richard as he groaned an approval watching me cum and starts to cum himself. I had seen plenty of cum shots, but watching stream after stream of cum erupt from his cock was incredible.

We cleaned up a bit and Richard put in another movie and this was a collection of bi-shorts (two guys and one girl). It was not long before we were hard and playing with ourselves again. After two or three of the scenes, Richard reaches for the bottle again to grease up. When he poured the oil, too much came out and he had to scoop a bunch of it into his left hand, the one near me. I am sitting there with my raging hard on laying flat, waiting to take the oil when Richard says something like "here's some for you" and proceeds to smear oil all over my cock and balls. He even gives my rod a few strokes. This felt wonderful.

When he starts to remove his hand, I told them there was no reason to stop and I reached over and took hold of his cock. He just grinned at me and we sat back stroking each other's poles. We kept at it for a while, even laying with each other's balls. After while, Richard shoved the coffee table back with his feet, gets down on the floor and starts to give me a proper hand job. I had had plenty of hand jobs from girls, but this one made my dick super hard. The feeling of him stroking, pumping, tickling and fondling my cock and balls as head spinning. He would bring me to the brink of cumming only to stop, let me cool down and start again. My balls were very loose and when he rubbed them and my taint, he would sometimes brush across my asshole which felt great. I loved it when he would suck my balls and pump my cock.

Finally, he starts pumping me in smooth, long, firm strokes - clearly to make me cum. Just as I was at the brink, he sank his middle finger up my ass and took the head of my cock in his mouth. I exploded in his mouth and he moaned approval. I could feel several thick streams of cum erupt from my cock. He took it all, swallowing as my cock finally quit twitching. I was heaving from the intensity. Now it was my turn. I had never touched another guy's dick, but thought I would just do what he did to me. So I did. I loved the feeling of his hard meat sliding in my hand. The feel of his loose balls in my fingers as I tickled them. I too brushed his asshole and sucked his balls while pumping him. I really liked that actually.

Finally, I made him cum as he did to me. Just as he hit the brink, I slid a finger up his ass and sucked on his dick head. He filled my mouth with cum, the first I had tasted other than tasting my own on a girl's tongue. I swallowed every drop. We sat back, and sat their gently stroking our dicks. After quite a while of rest, we ended up going again. But this time, more blow job than hand job. I have never had sex with another guy, but my brother and we do enjoy ourselves to this day from time to time



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