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My Brother and I Made a Dvd

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Erotic story of what happened between two brothers.


This is a bit of a strange story of what happened between me and my brother. I will start with a little background info. I am 18 and have started college a few months ago. I like playing sports and you can find me at least one time a week in the gym. I have what you would call a toned body, my hair is brown and I have brown eyes too. My chest is smooth, and I keep my pubic hair under control by trimming it on a weekly basis. At the moment I have a steady girlfriend, we have been going out for over six months now.

My brother Aaron is twenty-two. He is a senior in the same college I go to. Like me he is also into sports and goes to a gym on a regular basis. He is much more muscular than me, but he is not the bodybuilder type. Just muscular. He and his girlfriend have been together for over three years now and after college they want to get a place of their own, just like my older sister did with her boyfriend when they finished college.

My brother and I get along very well, but still we move in different circles. I have my friends, and he has his. Maybe that's partly because he is four, almost five, years older than me.

Anyway, let's get on with why I am writing this.

It happened on a Wednesday afternoon when I came home from college. As soon as I got home, I walked up the stairs to put my books in my room. When I walked passed my brothers room I could hear him calling out to me.

Hey Ryan can you come here for a minute? I took a few steps back and stood at the doorway to his room.

I want to ask you something he said. Would you like to earn $2,000?

Duh I replied, Of course I would like to make some cash, especially an amount like that. What would I have to do for it?

Well Ryan said I guess you have noticed I have had some money to spend lately and that I have bought a new laptop and a new phone?

I have I said and I have been meaning to ask you about that, but haven't come around to it. How did you get the money for that? I hope nothing illegal?

That remark made Aaron chuckle. No of course not. I have sold a DVD to a website.

All I could say was huh? and give him a puzzled look.

Let me explain he said. You remember Jimmy right? I nodded I did. As you know he continued Jimmy is gay and he was telling me about a website he found where he spent several hours watching the clips or, as he described them, the very hot clips. He also told me it is not run by a studio who makes the clips, but it is a site where the guys make their own clips, burn them on a DVD and then sell them to the website, and if they like it, they upload it to the webpage. Jimmy also told me they pay $1,000 per DVD if posted on the website.

Jimmy told me the name of the site, and because I am always interested in making money, I decided to check it out. Well to make a long story short, I made a clip of myself, put it on a DVD and mailed it to them. As luck would have it, they liked it and put it on their website and they sent me a check for $1,000.

All this time I stood in the doorway listening to what Aaron was telling me. But I said to Aaron what kind of DVD are we talking about here?

Well he replied I made a thirty minute clip of me posing for the camera showing off my muscles, then slowly stripping off my clothes on the tune of some nice music, posing in the nude and then masturbate and a cumshot.

All I could do is stand there and listen in amazement. You must be kidding I said you're yanking my chain.

No no Aaron said I thought you might not believe me. Let me prove it to you. And with that he walked to his laptop, opened the browser and typed in a web address. I saw a webpage opening and it really looked like a video site. He clicked on the preview page and pointed one thumbnail out to me.

Look he said does this look familiar to you? On the thumbnail he showed me there was something familiar indeed. I could see a two seater couch just like the one Aaron has in his bedroom. Above the couch was a poster of a nature scene. Exactly like the poster above Aaron's couch. Rather more intriguing to me was the capture above the thumbnail. Jock strips, jerks and cums in his face.

I can't play the clip Aaron said I don't have access to the site, but I have the clip I made on a memory stick, and I will give you that later. I will give it to you after I explained what I had in mind for the both of us.

When they sent me the check Aaron continued they included a letter with the different fees they pay for the clips that are sent in. For solo clips, like mine, they pay $1,000, for a duo masturbation clip they pay $3,000, but they had an asterix with that. If the duo masturbating are brothers, they increase the pay to $4,000.

Aha I said and that's when you thought of me?

Exactly said Aaron. We are both good looking guys, and I thought it would be easy money if we were to make a clip together.

I was dumbstruck at all what Aaron was me asking me to do. It was a lot to digest. I wasn't sure what to think about jerking off with my brother and making that into a clip. It was especially strange because I knew Aaron who, just like me, has no interest at all in doing anything sexual with other guys.

I guess you'd like to think about this all Aaron said to me while he handed me the memory stick. Go and watch my clip and let me know when you think about it and let me also know if you like to make the $2,000.

When I got to my room my head was spinning with all kinds of thoughts. I sat down on my chair at the desk where my laptop was, the memory stick still in my hand. Even though I was very curious about the clip Aaron had made, I still wasn't sure I wanted to watch it. I always considered masturbation as something very private. It wasn't something I ever thought of doing with somebody else, let alone with my older brother.

I sat there for maybe ten minutes with my mind racing. I am not going to do it I thought to myself so I put the stick down on my desk, got up from my chair and decided to go to the kitchen to have a snack and something to drink. Curiosity however got the better of me, and I decided to watch the clip. As soon as I was back in my room, I put the stick in the USB port and played the clip.

I was amazed at what I got to see. When it started it showed the two seater in my brothers room, then some music started to swell and Aaron walked into the frame. He looked into the camera, smiled and gave two thumbs up. He was dressed in a tight tee-shirt and a pair of jeans. Moving rhythmically on the music, he then pulled the tee-shirt off over his head and threw it into the corner. For the next minutes he gave all sorts of poses to show off his muscles. And boy, did he have some muscles! His perfect pecs with his quarter sized nipples, his six-pack. His chest was covered in a light dusting of hair. While posing he had unbuttoned the two top buttons of his jeans and through the slightly opened flap you now could see a part of his white boxerbriefs. Aaron then pointed at his jeans, gave a naughty smile and opened the other two buttons.

All this time I watched this clip I was in a kind of daze, I was watching my brother strip, but besides feeling some nervousness I also felt excitement. I never knew my brother could do such a sexy performance.

After unbuttoning his jeans he slid them down and took them off. Aaron was now only dressed in his very tight white boxerbriefs that left nothing to the imagination. Although it was clear to see his cock was still flaccid, it gave the boxer a significant bulge. The other thing that was also very clear to see was the rounding of two big testicles.

I couldn't believe it. I was starting to get horny and without even noticing I already had my hand in my crotch.

While dancing to the tune of the music Aaron now started to roll down the elastic band of his boxers. He rolled them lower and lower, and the top of his pubic hair came into view. He rolled them down a bit more until they reached the top of his cock. It was now clear to see, his pubes were neatly trimmed. With his boxers rolled down as far as he had they were reduced to no more than a tight piece of cloth of maybe three inches wide. Three inches of cloth hiding his maleness. Aaron gave again a naughty smile, hooked his thumbs into what was left of his boxers and in one quick swoop they were down to his ankles. In one more quick movement they were off completely, he twirled it on his index finger and swung it in the corner of the room with the rest of his clothes. And there he stood, my twenty-two year old brother Aaron, completely in the nude.

I have to say, that it has been at least twelve years since I saw my brother naked. That was about the time our mother stopped bathing us together. So seeing my brother naked after such a long time, seeing an adult and muscular man made my jaw drop.

On the clip Aaron now showed off in the nude, giving a perfect view of his body from all angles. He then got the remote of the camera and zoomed in on his body, revealing a close up of his nipples, he then panned down his body, stopped a few seconds at his bellybutton, then panned down again reaching his trimmed pubes and finally to stop at his cock and balls. His cock was still soft, it hung down what looked like four inches and it rested on two big low hanging balls.

Aaron pointed the cam into its original position and he sat down on the couch. Again he smiled at the cam and started to massage his cock. Its response was fast. He let go of his cock to show his biceps but while doing that his cock was continuing to fill with blood and was still inching up his inner thigh and climbed higher and higher until it pointed proudly to his bellybutton. Aaron now curled his right fist around his cock and started to masturbate. With his left hand he massaged his balls, then slid his hand up to play with his nipples and his abs. This continued for about ten minutes and in that time I had noticed that his balls were getting tight and that the head of his cock was a deeper shade of red. Suddenly Aaron let out a grunt and a jet of cum shot out and landed on his right nipple, the second jet of cum shot even further and landed on his mouth and chin, the third jet again landed on his nipple, the rest of his cumshot landed on his abs and ran down into his bellybutton. Aaron smiled to the camera and licked his cum covered lips. Then he got the remote and zoomed in on the puddle of cum on his abs. Now the screen of my laptop was completely filled with my brothers puddle of cum. All the different thickness of his cum was clearly to see, some clear spots and some whiter stringy spots. The image then faded out and the thirty minute clip came to an end, leaving me sweaty and rubbing my hard dick through my jeans. I couldn't believe, that watching my own brother nude and jacking off even if it was only on my computer screen, could be so damn sexy.

There and then I decided! I wanted to make the clip with my brother. Hell, after what I saw, I even would do it without the $2,000 bonus.

Aaron was happy to hear about my decision after I told him I'd make the clip with him. It was also agreed upon than since we'd have the house to ourselves for the next three hours we'd make the clip that afternoon. Aaron had told me to take a shower, dress in some nice underwear, some nice jeans and a tight tee-shirt. Because his bedroom had an ensuite shower room he'd do the same. He told me not to wear shoes or socks. While getting ready I started to get nervous but still wanted to get on with it.

After about forty-five minutes I walked to Aarons room. When I entered I saw he had already set up two HD camcorders. One was in front of his desk and pointed directly to the couch, the other was set up next to the couch so as I guessed it would film us sitting on the couch with a side view. I guessed he was going to edit the recordings of both cameras into one clip. The camera pointed directly to the couch was also hooked up the his laptop, so it was easier to see what it was recording.

Hey you're ready. Aaron said with a smile on his face.

As ready as I will ever be I replied.

Great he said let me talk you through a few things he continued. In the letter from the website that came with the check, they give some pointers on how to make a clip, and explains also what the members to the site really like to see. It will take a bit too long to talk you though everything, but I thought that maybe it would be a good idea if you just follow my lead, and mimic what I do.

Because I was already nervous enough I just agreed with what he said. I was afraid I'd maybe back down if he would give specifics on how things would turn out.

Aaron had made clear it would be recorded with live sound, so everything we said would be on the clip. After he told me to wait by the door he turned on the stereo for some background music, set both cams to record and walked back to me and whispered in my ear to follow him into the view of the camera and to duplicate what he did. When he took a step forward he nudged my arm as a sign I had to follow. I followed him and when we both reached the angle of the camera Aaron started dancing to the tune of the music playing, for a few minutes I followed his lead. He then placed his hand on my shoulder and made me turn around so I was facing him. Now we danced facing each other and were maybe twenty inches apart. With one eye Aaron checked if we looked good on the screen.

What he did next hit me by surprise. He slid down his arms down my side, got hold of the bottom part of my tee-shirt and started to pull it upwards and over my head. Although it shocked me a bit I played along. As soon as he had pulled my tee-shirt completely off, I could see in his eyes he wanted me to do the same to him. Still moving to the tunes of the music I slid my hands along his side, grabbed his tee-shirt and started to pull it up. He made it easier for me by raising his arms and in no time at all his tee-shirt was off, and joined mine in the corner of his room out of sight from the cameras. Aaron winked at me as if he wanted to say well done. For the next few minutes we both posed showing off our biceps, our pecs and six-packs.

As a new song started it was a sign for Aaron to go for the next step. As we were facing each other again, he took one step towards me and got on one knee, put his hands on the waistband of my jeans and started to unbuttoning it. Once all buttons were undone he grabbed the sides of my jeans and slid them down to my ankles. He lifted my feet one at the time to make me step out of them and soon my jeans was on the pile of the other clothes. When he stood back up I knew he wanted me to do the same to him. I got down on one knee just as he had, and I started to open up his jeans, but when I reached the last button, my thumb accidentally brushed his cock through the fabric of his underwear.

Sorry I whispered to him. No worries he whispered back.

I then pulled down his jeans to his ankles and made him step out of them. I threw his jeans into the corner. As I got back up from my knee and stood opposite him, I looked at Aaron. He was now, just like me, only wearing boxerbriefs. His boxers however were the tightest I had ever seen. Also the material looks strange to me. It almost fitted him like a second skin, and his cock was clear to see. I could see veins running along the length of his cock, the outline of the head was so clear it was almost obscene. And then his balls, oh my god. I got interrupted in my thoughts when Aaron took a step in my direction. I knew what was going to happen now.

As soon as Aaron had moved in closer to me, his thumbs had hooked inside the waistband of my boxers, and soon I could feel them sliding down, first exposing my trimmed pubes, then the base of my cock came into view and in one fell swoop Aaron had pushed them down more so my cock fell out and was bouncing on my balls. When the boxers reached my ankles, he made me step out of them.

And there I was, completely naked and being filmed at that! It hit me, that in the not so distant future thousands of people would be able to see me naked. My complete and uncovered body including my face, my last shred of privacy was gone. In the mean time, Aaron had taken a step back, and was looking me in the eyes, I instantly knew it was my turn to take off his boxers.

Shaking a little I took a step closer to him and reached forward, so I could hook my thumbs in his waistband, just like he had done to me. As I inched them down, I could see his trimmed pubes come into sight, then the base of his plump cock, another inch of his cock, and as I slid them down more, his cock sprang free and bobbed up and down for a bit and to finally come to rest nestled against his big full balls. As I made him step out of the boxers, my face was a mere ten inches away from his genitals.

When I stood back up I looked at Aaron, waiting for him to show me the next step. I thought we would be going to sit on the couch, but he had something else in mind first. Aaron reached for a bottle which was on the ground next to the couch. I looked at the bottle and it turned out to be massage oil. He opened the top of the bottle and squirted oil in the palm of one hand, put the bottle down and rubbed his hands together. He then took a step towards me, and started to rub he oil on my chest from my neck to my bellybutton. He got some more oil and oiled up both my arms, then he started to rub oil on my legs. He started at my ankles, and moves his hands up higher and higher and when he reached the top of my legs his hands turned inwards to rub the oil on my inner thighs, and while doing that, his hands continually brushed against my balls! My real life brother was touching my balls! He then got some more oil rubbed between his hands again, and he placed his hands just below my bellybutton. In circular motions he inched lower and lower until what felt like a jolt of electricity shot through my body. He had moved so far down, he now had my cock in his right hand and was covering it in oil. He started massaging it up and down, pulled back my foreskin to expose the head, rolled the skin back so it was covered again and he repeated that several times. Just as I could feel myself getting harder he let go and stood back up. Was at the start my cock resting against my balls, now it stood free from my body. I wasn't erect or even had a semi, but it had definitely hardened up a bit.

With my hands shaking, I poured some oil in them. Just like he had done, I started to oil up his chest, his arms and finally his legs. Being nervous I had tried, not to brush his balls with my hands, but they were just too big and low hanging. I really didn't have the guts to oil his dick, but as soon as Aaron noticed I wanted to get up from my hunches, he whispered to me not to stop and to get some more oil. He didn't say I had to rub it on his dick, but I knew what he meant. So after squirting some more oil on my hands I also started the circular motions under his bellybutton and also inch down more and more. As I looked up as if to ask for permission, a glint in Aarons eyes told me what to do. At first I only rubbed some oil on his cock by using the palm of my hand. Getting brazen I got hold of his cock just like he had mine and rubbed it up and down, pulling back the skin to expose the head and covering it again, repeating it a few times. I could feel it getting somewhat thicker in my hand and when I let go, it had quite thickened up and was almost semi erect. It hit me, that I had almost given my brother an erection!

With the oiling done, Aaron sat down on the couch and I sat beside him. As soon as I sat down Aaron moved a few inches closer to me. Now our thighs and shoulders were touching. Aaron started to rub his abs, moving down till he reached his cock and started to masturbate. I followed his lead and started to jerk off too.

Try to make it last ten minutes Aaron whispered to me.

So there I was, sitting naked and jerking off on a couch, being filmed, and my older brother next to me doing the same thing. I couldn't help but watch how my brother was working his cock, seeing him sliding his hand up and down, playing with his foreskin, holding it at the base and give it a little swing and then go back to the jerking. Interesting to see was the difference in speed, for a while he would have long and really slow stroked all the way up and down, then he would do just a few short strokes but very fast, and then he would continue with a more normal speed.

When we were about eight minutes in Aaron leaned in to me and said I am getting close to cumming, what about you?

I told him I was getting close too, so he told me just to go for it. I saw Aaron was picking up speed again, and I could feel he was pushing his back more into the couch, and he tensed his muscles in his legs and abs.

About two minutes later I heard Aaron mutter an ah which made me look in his direction, just in time to see a large stream of cum shooting from his cock, and it landed on his nipple, the second spurt of his cum landed on my shoulder, there must have been some more spurts, but when his cum landed on my shoulder it took me over the edge, and it gave me the most powerful cumshot I ever had. My first spurt landed on my neck. I had never shot that far. The rest of my cum landed on my abs.

After cumming both my brother and my sat spent on the couch. I watched how my brothers cum ran down his pecs to his abs. The cum that had landed on my shoulder started to run down my arm. But then as another big surprise to me Aaron reached over and started rubbing my cum all over my chest. He moved his hand all the way from my neck down to my still hard cock, making it twitch when his hand touched my still sensitive head.

This was an experience I would never forget.



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