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My Brother and I

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A fun surprise with my brother


My brother, who is just a couple years older than myself, and I, used to jack off together when we were younger. It all started one time when he came into my room, while I was butt naked on the bed my legs spread wide open and I was involved in my daily stroking of my hard dick. I was using my precum, which I put out a lot of, as a lube and was completely enjoying the sensation of my hand rubbing up and down the shaft of my hard dick. I have always liked to play with my balls while I nut a load so there I was playing with my balls, my butt lifting off the bed in thrusting motions while my hand stroked up and down on my dick as it started to get harder and more swollen. Our bedrooms were divided by a shared bathroom, I did not hear him enter the bathroom nor my room, so I had no idea how long he had been standing there.

He was obviously heading for a shower, cause he had only a towel on. When I noticed him in my room, the towel was tented straight out by his obvious hard-on.

I stopped the stroking of my now pulsating dick and just went wtf!

He said sorry bro, I saw you in here from the bathroom and just wanted to watch how you jacked off your dick comparing it to how I usually jack my dick.

After I got passed the feeling of knowing someone had been watching me pound my dick, and of course it being my brother, I just lay there with my hard dick in my fist and said, 'ok, that's cool'.

I said since you are here in my room, lets see how we do compare to our stroking techniques.

He said cool. He took his towel off and his dick bobbed up and down with precum dripping off his dick, we obviously precum about the same which is a lot. The head of his dick was as engorged as mine was which needed to be stroked freaking bad.

I continued to play with my balls and stroke my dick, however now my eyes were open and watching my brother as he started to stroke his dick which was pretty darn identical to my hard dick, I watched him reach down with his other hand and start to cup and play with his balls, just like my hand was doing to my own balls.

It was really cool watching him, and he watching me, it was a great brother brother bonding thing.

We both watched each other as our balls started to fill with hung loads of cum.

I started to flex my quads as I tightened my legs, I watched my brother do the same as he went up on his toes as his legs too were being flexed.

Our fists starting to pump our engorged dicks faster and faster as our other hands were moving all around our balls it was freaking awesome,

I said I was about to cum and he said the same and we then shot two huge loads of thick white cum out of our identical dicks. It was freaking awesome.

We continued jacking off together when ever we could hit it at the same time, and now that I am 32 and he is 34, we just found out that we have not lost the closeness of stroking out our dicks together, he just came for a visit and we found ourselves jacking off together, every time we either were heading for a shower or to bed or in the morning with morning wood, we would see if the other wanted to jack off and we did each and every time.

I hope we never stop stroking our dicks together.

I cannot wait until the next time we are together, (we are both married now so time is not as free) so we can get our hard dicks out and have an incredible jack off with each other, watching how we stroke our hard dicks, play with our balls, and flex out our legs tight and hard.

It is the ultimate of male bonding, I feel other dudes should jack off with each other, it is natural and really freaking cool.



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