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My Brother and Cousin

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When I was 13, my parents went on a weeks vacation without my brother Ron and I. Ron is two years older than I am. For the week, Ron and I stayed with my mother's sister. My mother's sister was divorced. She has one son Bill who was 16 at the time. The aunt also drank and would fall asleep early. Bill and Ron shared a room and I stayed in the guest room.

The first night, after my aunt fell asleep, Ron, Bill, and I went into Bill's room. Bill took out a book similar to the 'Joy of Sex.' The book was a complete 'how to do it' encyclopedia of sex. It was loaded with photographs and drawings that were explicit. The images and photographs showed all parts of the body as well sexual positions, masturbation, and oral sex. The book even touched on homosexuality and lesbians.

The three of us sat on the floor looking at the book as we made comments. I remember saying that oral sex was gross. I was wearing a nightie and both boys were in their underwear. My brother and I often saw each other in our underwear, but never nude. I would often notice that my brother had an erection when I saw him in his underwear. Through their briefs, I could see that both boys were hard.

Bill was sitting Indian Style. He adjusted his briefs so the tip of his cock poked through the side. I made a comment about seeing his 'wiener.' Bill then told me that since I had seen some, I might as well see it all. Bill stood up and stepped out of his briefs and t-shirt. I can still visualize Bill's hard cock sticking out of his nest of pubic hair. Even though Bill was of average size, back then he looked huge. I reached and lightly touched Bill's hard cock. Bill took my hand and wrapped it around his cock. With his hand holding my hand, had me stroke his cock. When he took his hand away I continued to stroke his cock. His hard cock felt good in my hand. Bill commented that it felt like he was fucking.

Bill then said that since he was naked, I must also get naked. I was hesitant. My brother Ron then stood up and took off his underwear. Bill and Ron were standing in front of me naked. In my mind, I can still see them standing nude with their hard cocks sticking out. I agreed to get naked, but only if they would promise not to have sex with me because I did not want to get pregnant. I also said that we couldn't 'make out' because it would not be right for me to kiss with my brother or cousin. The boys agreed to my conditions. I stood up and took off my nightie.

My body was already somewhat developed. I had breasts and some pubic hair. With the three of us nude, the boys starting feeling my breasts as I felt their hard cocks.

Bill asked me to give him a hand-job. He opened the book to the section with pictures of a girl giving a hand-job. One picture showed a guy's cock with the girl's hand around it all covered in cum. Bill laid down on the bed and I stroked his hard cock just like in the pictures. Soon Bill was grunting and he came. His cum was all over my hand and he used a pillowcase to wipe it up.

Next, my brother laid on the bed and I stroked him until he came. While I stroked Ron, Bill was feeling me up.

Then I laid down on the bed with my knees up and legs spread open. With the book as a guide, the boys examined my body. Using the book, they identified parts of my body. The boys tried to pronounce the words, labia major, labia minor, clitoris and clitoral hood. As they identified the parts, they touched them. Soon their fingers were in my moist vagina and they were playing with my clit as well as feeling my breasts. I got on all fours and the boys examined me from that angle. The four hands felt great. One of the boys rubbed my anus. I got back on my back and opened my 'lips.' A finger went back inside, a strange feeling came over me, and I thought OH-OH and started to cum. This was my first orgasm.

We ended our exploration for the night and I went to my room to sleep. However, in bed, I thought of the boys' hard cocks and masturbated myself to my second orgasm. The next day I was boy crazy. Outside in a secluded area, I gave my brother and cousin another hand job while they felt me up. I did not want to take off my clothes so they put their hands under my shirt and pushed up my bra. They also put their hand down my pants and felt my wet pussy. I did not come, however having their hands on me felt good.

That night as well as every night that week, we continued to explore. High points of the week were giving a friend of Bill's a hand job, letting the boys pretend they 'fucked me' while they humped their cocks between my closed thighs, and me using a candle as a dildo while the boys watched.

I never repeated with my cousin Bill though Ron and I continued. Frequently throughout high school, and when Ron came home from college, if our parents were not home, Ron and I would get naked, get in bed, and please each other. In high school, I dated a lot. I had something of a reputation but I didn't care because I enjoyed giving hand-jobs.

I was fascinated that while all cocks were the same, they all were different. The smallest cock I jacked-off was around three inches and the largest was bigger than eight inches. I would also let my boyfriends finger me and play with my breasts. Some were fantastic and others did not have a clue. Often when my brother or I would come home from a date not being satisfied, we would take care of each other.

I had one girlfriend that had never given a hand job and wanted to practice before giving one to her boyfriend. I volunteered my brother Ron and he happily accepted. I had my first girl/girl experience on a school trip with the girl I shared a hotel room with. We got together a few more times though with her not having a cock, I felt something was missing. Once my mother found my vibrator and gave me lecture. If only she knew what I was really doing. In spite of my wildness in High School, I remained a virgin.

When Ron graduated from college, he moved away and got married. I also got married and moved away. My brother and I are still close but haven't enjoyed each other for almost 25 years. Even though my husband and I enjoy somewhat of a wild life, I have never told him about my experiences with my brother.



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