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My Brother

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I've read brother site stuff here and it does get me going sometimes, but I never thought I would ever.....


My brother is an asshole. He is 17 and out of control. So much so, that he took a friends motorcycle and had an accident that nearly killed him, there was nothing left of the bike, and not much of the free he hit. Fortunately, in the little backwater we live in, the local cops decided that he had been punished enough and decided not to take him to court.

But he was in hospital for months. It was during one evening when I was sitting with him that this happened.

We were just talking and I was looking forward to him getting the casts off his arms the next day, although we had been told there was nerve damage and he may not be able to use them. In fact even if he was ok, his arms would be very weak.

He got upset when I told him that we would know tomorrow. He even cried...poor fella. He eventually fessed up that he was frustrated, he couldn't take care of business with both arms in plaster and he didn't know what the future held. He even started to get hard as we talked.

As I said, I thought he was an asshole, but then again, I felt really sorry for him. I could imagine how I would feel if I couldn't Jill off. (Every day and sometimes two or three times in my case)

I didn't say anything, I just flipped his sheet back, wrapped my fingers around him and started jacking him off. Even though it didnt take long, we got a shock when the door opened and his nurse walked in with his meds. She took one look, gave a little half smile and left while I finished him. He came loads!

After, I left the room and found the nurse in her office. I started some half assed explanation, but she interrupted me. 'Sweetie, I've seen much much worse here. You were helping your brother out, that's cool. I've seen brothers and sisters fuck here before now, usually when there has been an accident and the boyfriend or girlfriend has dumped them.' She told me of sisters masturbating sisters, brothers, mothers and sons, and brothers and brothers. Then she asked me how I felt doing him. I must admit, it's been a while since I had a cock and I did enjoy it to the point that I knew I would jill off thinking about him later.

She smiled and said 'you can always use the staff bathroom. I have the key, and if you need a hand....' She just left it hanging there. I was tempted. It would have been my first girl girl experience, but that time, I just needed to Jill, so I went in there, with my brothers scent still on me and had a very satisfying cum.

Well, he was nerve damaged, and it was his right arm. I helped him out a couple more times in hospital and lots at home.

As for the nurse, yeah she and I had a little fun..and I even got her to help my brother out too a couple times. He said that he had hoped she could fuck him gently late one night, but that was wishful thinking...then again, she might have.

He is a different boy now.... He knows others need him and he needs others and he is not the asshole he was.



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