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My Brother

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This is about me and my brother Terry, he is a year older than me. This happened when I was 14 and Terry 15. We were always very close and had a laugh together. I'd seen Terry naked all my life as I

grew up as he would often be naked walking to and from the bathroom. There was lots of times over the years where I'd be stood chatting to him on the landing with him naked, I'd never took any notice of him being naked as it's all I knew really.

Well this one night made me see his body in a whole new way, and his penis too. I was coming out of the bathroom after bathing and was in my vest and knickers with a towel on my head, Terry was coming out of his room naked as usual. I stopped to chat to him about something and this is when I saw his body in a way never had before.

Growing up with him I was used to seeing his penis in a flacid state and never took any notice of it, well this night things changed. My brother had seen me getting dressed the odd time walking in my room without knocking so had seen me in bra and panties before, albeit very briefly as I screamed for him to shut the door.

Well as I chatted to him in my underwear I noticed he kept looking down and seemed to be staring at my panties like in a trance, at 14 my body was quite slim and my panties were a very snug fit. Probably because my Mam still bought them for me back then, the usual white cotton briefs.

As I wondered why he seemed to be staring at my panties I noticed his penis had got a lot bigger, I was used to seeing it small and flacid so I was aware as it started to grow. I had never seen an erection before so it was exciting for me to see, I had heard from friends what a hard penis was like but never seen one in the flesh so to speak.

His penis just got bigger and bigger till it was stuck up in the air proudly, it fascinated me how big it had got after seeing it so small and soft growing up. I just gazed in amazement at my brother's erect penis and the size of it, I never realized how big a penis could grow from the size it started small and flacid. Being Catholic I never knew anything about boys or sex at 14 so seeing a hard willy was such a thrill for me even if it was only my brothers.

I asked him why had his penis gone so hard and he replied that it was seeing me in my panties as I chatted to him that had done it. He said he often got an erection looking at the Lingerie in mail order catalogues, I never knew a lad could get an erection looking at women in there underwear. It was quite a thrill for me knowing that I had given my brother an erection, needless to say it wasn't the last time.

Seeing my brother's penis so aroused was exciting for me and so curious at the same time, I heard from friends about hand jobs but wasn't expecting a penis to be so hard stuck in the air proudly. My curiousity made me want to touch it so I asked him if I could, he looked very nervous stood there in front of his sister with his manhood on show but he reluctantly said yes it was ok to touch it.

Being 14 it was very exciting for me seeing an erect penis and even though it was my brother's I was dying to touch it, I was so curious about it that I started prodding it which made me laugh. couldn't believe my brother was stood in front of me with an erection and that I actually touched it. He told me to wrap my hand around it and grip it which I did, I was amazed at how hard it was and it seemed like it was solid like bone inside but seeing it flacid before knew that wasn't the case. What amazed me as I held it was the fact it wouldn't bend downwards, well not without a squeal from my brother. I was amazed by this and got a bag from my room and hung it from his penis, he drew the line at me seeing how much weight it would hold.

My questions then were about masterbation and if he had done it, he said he often masterbated looking at underwear in mail order catalogues and offered a demonstration for me. Seeing my brother masterbating in front of me was quite weird really but strangely fascinating at the same time, my curiousity was too much and just had to watch him doing it. After a couple of minutes he suddenly grabbed the end of his penis and dashed to the bathroom, sadly I never got to see him cum which I would have liked to as the icing on the cake.

Knowing he got an erection stood chatting to me in my underwear was strangely exciting for me, so I made sure I bumped into him in my bra and panties a few more times over the years. Even though he was my brother it was a buzz being able to give him an erection when I fancied and to watch him masterbating because of me, I made him masterbate a few more times before I left home.

I even let him see my vagina while he masterbated like crazy as he hadn't seen one before, but sadly still never got to see him cum as he ran to the bathroom before I could see it squirt.

I still see him regularly but I am now married with children and he is too, I had a bit of fun masterbating with him the odd time before I was married but that's another story..




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