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My Brother

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This is a true story about me and my brother at the beach.


This event happened when I was 15 years old and my brother Andrew was 13 years old. We live in South Carolina and we were visiting Myrtle Beach one weekend.

One day we were out on the sand, under an umbrella and on a towel. My parents were swimming or doing something close by. We were both in the average swim trunks with no shit. Andrew was laying down and sleeping right beside me. I was sitting up next to him on a different towel, under the same umbrella. He was developing about how an average 13 year old should. He had a small amount of armpit hair and was skinny.

Eventually Andrew woke up and we chatted for a while. Then I told him I had to use the bathroom, so I got up and did my business. As I was walking out, there was a girl sitting in a chair, leaning forward and talking to her friend. As I walked in front of her I could see about half of her nipple. This immediately made me horny. I glanced one more time and then went back to sit with Andrew.

When I got back to our spot, I sat down and started to talk to Andrew. I was still thinking back about the boob I saw though. I saw Andrew look down at me every once in a while. I was confused at first, but when he did it again, I looked down and realized that I had an erection. I tried to cover it up as best I could, but you know how hard that is in a bathing suit. I told him that I saw some girls, and he said 'oh.' A few minutes later, he asked me if I masturbated. I was shocked but I said yes. We did not say anything more until that night.

We were staying in a hotel with two beds and a pull out couch bed. My parents did not want to share bed because they were smaller, so that put Andrew and I in the couch bed together. After we finally went to bed, I asked Andrew If he wanted to masturbate with me. He said 'yes', but kind of nervous like. We were facing each other. I told him to slide his pj bottoms and boxers to his knees and he was not wearing a shirt. Then I did the same. We were still under the cover. I placed my hand on his hard penis, and slowly started to move it up and down. I continued to do that for about five or so minutes, then he started to breathe deeper and harder.

He said something to me like 'that feels good' or 'keep going.' Eventually he told me he was about to cum and then he did. He shot out more than I would have expected. It went on my hand and wrist. Then I told him that he had to do it to me. So he placed his hand on my six inch penis and did the same as I did to him. I was quick to cum. I did it in about two minutes. Then I came all over the place. I was exhausted and my heart was racing. We both put our pants back on and went to sleep.

We actually did the same thing every night we were there. This has been one of my best memories and neither Andrew or I are gay. Hope you enjoyed.



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