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My Brother

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I found your site just recently and thought it would be a good place to write about something that happened a while ago with my brother. When I was 17 and my brother Danny was 15, we had an electrical fire in our house which did some major damage to a couple of rooms upstairs including my brothers bedroom. We were able to continue to live there while repairs were being done but Danny lost the use of his bedroom for a few weeks. I offered to share my room with him during this time and our parents approved.

Danny and I have always got along really well and could pretty much talk about anything. We also never made a big deal out of seeing each other in various stages of undress. We shared a bathroom upstairs and it was just easier not to have to put much of anything on when going back and forth to the shower. I usually would just slip my panties on but would let him see my boobs all the time. He was a little more shy but I still saw his penis a number of times. Now we were sharing my room and my double bed. I would sleep in tank top and panties and he would sleep in boxers. I usually slept naked but obviously could'nt with Danny there. I also liked to masturbate in bed at night and that was going to be difficult as well.

Being very close, we had always felt comfortable talking about sex with each other and sometime back had admitted that we both like to play with ourselves....but always alone! Anyway after a week or so I was really getting horny. I tried doing it in the shower but it just wasn't the same. I also noticed that Danny was starting to have a hard time hiding his erection from me when dressing around shower time. I pretty much knew he was not having as many orgasms as he was used to as well. One night I was doing homework in bed and he came in from the shower. He had a towel around him and had turned away from me while putting on deodorant. As usual he dropped the towel to put on his boxers for bed. Like many times I looked up from my book because I liked seeing his naked butt.

However this time he stood there just holding his boxers in his hand. I finally asked him what was wrong and he sighed and said that he had a major hard on and was waiting for it to go down a little so he could get the boxers on. I told him that I figured that was the problem and added that I had been noticing lately that it was a real problem for him. I then told him that it wouldn't bother me at all to see it like that and that I knew he couldn't help it. Acting kind of relieved, he turned around and walked toward the bed. I couldn't help staring at his fully erect penis. It was about 7' long and pointing up at a steep angle. It really looked nice and I told him that. I then said that I too was having trouble getting enough masturbating sessions to satisfy my horniness. Right then we looked at each other and basically read each others mind. He said, 'want to do it together?'

At that point I was already very wet and quickly said yes. He watched as I slipped my top and panties off. As I said before he had seen my tits a bunch of times but not much else. Maybe a couple quick peaks of my pubic hair and naked butt from a distance but that was about it. Now I was sitting on my bed against the headboard with my legs spread and he couldn't take his eyes off my pussy. He got some extra pillows and and sat against them at the foot of the bed. He spread his legs like me and we put our feet together. We sat there talking about the great view we both had and the fact that we were both so comfortable showing EVERYTHING to each other. He said he could see my juice running out of my pussy and down my crotch. He was also literally dripping pre cum out of his dick and onto my sheets.

Neither of us could wait any longer and both started masturbating at the same time. Both of us just stared at the others crotch while we played with ourselves. We really wanted it to last longer but after only a couple minutes we both said we needed to cum. I could feel my orgasm starting and began fingering my pussy as well as rubbing my clit. Danny groaned and was all red in the face as he started squirting his cum all over the his hand, dick, pubic hair and my sheets. Both of us pumped our crotches back and forth during our orgasm as if we were having sex together only without touching.

After we came we just lay there panting and dripping with sweat and cum. Danny's white sticky semen was everywhere! I had a huge spot between my legs on the sheet where my pussy had leaked. He said he actually saw it squirt out like I was peeing during my orgasm. I knew some girls did that when they came but it had never happened to me before. After that first time, we masturbated together almost every night after that while sharing my room. Even after he moved back to his own room we would do it from time to time. I am in college now and he is graduating this year from high school. We haven't 'played around' for a long time now and probably never will again. But we sure had fun for a while and neither one of us feels bad about what we did. If anything we're closer than ever.



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