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My Brother

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I only started to jack myself last year when I was thirteen. That was because I started to have these dreams and wake up with my pyjamas and the sheets gooey. My mother didn't like this and she had my father talk to me. He told me how to jack myself and told me I should do it into tissues before I went to sleep. It was embarrassing to have that talk with him. Anyway I tried to do it for a long time (many weeks) before I could do it. So naturally I kept having the dreams and making the mess in bed because I couldn't help it.

I finally said to myself one night I just won't stop until it worked. So I stayed up and kept rubbing and rubbing myself. Maybe for more than an hour. Finally I started to get that great feeling and didn't want to ever stop. Then it started to come out like when I had those dreams. I was so sore and raw the next day and got blisters on my dick but after I did it once it got easier and easier. I did it every night after that but still had those messy dreams so I have to do it again when I wake up in the night to pee.

That was about one year ago and I am fourteen, almost fifteen now. Last November my brother who is only eleven, told me he was having these sex dreams and something happened to him he said when he had them. I asked if anything came out of his pee hole when that happened and he said no, his whole dick just pulsed like. So I told him that some day gooey stuff would come out and he would have to learn to jack and I told him what happened to me just like I told you here. Then he said he wanted to see and I said no. But he insisted and insisted and so I did because I thought it would help him so he wouldn't have the trouble I had doing it at first.

So we have this great shower that is really big with many spray heads in it and I took him in there and soaped up and let him watch me do it. He still only has a few hairs down there and they are long and thin and blonde, and his dick is very thin. It gets real hard and sticks straight up and is about four inches hard while mine is over six inches and thicker than his. So he watched and got real close and bent so his face was just a few inches from my cock. I told him to move away or he would get a soaker. He didn't get it but he moved away some.

I shot a good stream out and another and a third one that was weaker. He was amazed. He loved it. He wanted to do it and I told him he couldn't make the juice yet. But he tried to jack like I was doing. He did it for a while and I could see nothing was going to happen. But he wouldn't stop. I had him turn around so I could get behind him and reached around and take his dick in my hand like it was my own dick from the way I was standing behind him, so I could jack him in the same way as if it was my own dick I was jacking. I did it slow and easy and for a long time and he was getting very relaxed and sighing and telling me to please not stop. I had to hold him up with my body because he was so relaxed he would not have supported himself.

I felt his little dick start to pulse like mine does when I shoot, but nothing came out. After I shoot the pulsing stops but his didn't stop but kept on pulsing and letting up just a little and then pulsing some more. My hand was tired and I stopped. He was like in a trance, with his mind somewhere else and he begged me to keep doing it. I kept going with my other hand but finally had to stop but his dick was still pulsing. But then after that day, and that was back in November, every night in the middle of the night he comes into my room after he has one of his dreams, and he wakes me up and lays next to me pulling his underpants down and makes me jack him or he won't leave or let me go back to sleep.

At first I got mad and refused but he was a big nuisance and I was afraid he would wake everybody and I wanted to get back to sleep so I did it and since then he expects it whenever he wants it at night. I like feeling his little dick pulsing that way in my hand, and would do it for him if it wasn't in the middle of the night but this is the time he always gets the urge for it.



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