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My Boyfriend Begs

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This boyfriend was insatiable!


My junior year boyfriend, 'Greg,' was 16 years old and turned out to be sexually insatiable. I am 25 now and have had several meaningful relationships, but while in high school I remained a virgin, after my mother, who is now deceased, begged me to remain what she termed 'chaste.'

I gave my first'hand-job' to a boy when I was 15 years old. He tried to reciprocate, but I felt nothing. I had two other boyfriends (prior to Greg) and gave them a few hand-jobs too, without reciprocation, but refused to have sex with them, so they pretty much dumped me after a few weeks.

When I met Greg, I was so happy, because he too made a pledge to stay a virgin. We dated for a couple months before he brought up the subject of sex. Greg and I discussed it and agreed mutual masturbation was not breaking our pledge to remain virgins. Immediately he began begging me for a hand-job. I said no for a couple more days and then agreed.

Greg didn't have his license, so I had to drive. We went over to his house and were planning to hang out, when he begged me for a hand job. He grabbed his crotch and said he hurt so bad. We kissed for a while, he led my hand to his jeans (he had the button fly ones) and began rubbing my hand over his hard-on. I kept rubbing through his jeans until he came. He let out the biggest moan, you'd thought he was dying! I will always remember it. Turns out this was his first from a girl.

Greg immediately began to unbutton himself and adjusted his dick as he ran to the bathroom. I remember thinking I would like to have seen his dick, all I got to see was the wet spot on his boxers after he had unbuttoned his jeans! I was so happy when he came out of the bathroom in just his boxers and shirt on. I could tell his dick was still kind of hard and it bobbed while he walked toward me. Greg lay down on the couch with his crotch in my lap, as if waiting for another one. His boxers were wet with cum and we sat there for 10-15 minutes while his dick initially stopped tenting in his pants and the wet spot dried a little. It then got hard again. I tried to ignore it, but saw the bulge growing until the slit in his boxers was opening and I could see his pubic hair.

Greg then said softly, 'Wanna really do it this time?' I said ok and began rubbing his dick through his underwear. This time he led my hand under his waistband. I first felt his pubes and then felt his cock sideways. Well, I'd given several hand-jobs (guess 10 or so) so I knew what to do. I surprised Greg by pulling down his boxers and grabbing on to his penis. He let out a yelp of surprise and then sank back to enjoy. His dick was thick and pretty long, it was bigger than the others I'd seen. His balls hung down low, too. His public hair was really dark.

Anyway, I pumped for about 10 seconds and he came again. Only a little cum dribbled out and he sighed. This began a daily ritual of having to 'get him off.' I enjoyed giving him a hand job, but he never offered to reciprocate and I was too embarrassed to ask. We went out for three months. I would estimate I gave him at least 100 hand-jobs. For a person saving himself for marriage, he really enjoyed having me pump him dry. Greg often talked openly about masturbating too, the first guy to do so. Most of my boyfriends would deny they did it! He openly admitted he jacked off two to three times a day.

One time I asked him to masturbate in front of me, he did, dropped his pants and pumped away, he pumped himself hard and fast and came in a flood.

Another time his mother caught us. We were in his den when he motioned for me to go into his walk-in closet, which we sometimes did if his parents were home and I would get him off there quickly, and then go back to the den. This day, we went into the closet, I was in the middle of jerking him off, when his mother barreled in the closet carrying his clothes. She dropped them, yelled and ran out of the room. I just stood there with my hand around his cock. Greg later said his dad scolded him. After that, I wasn't allowed over. We would usually do it in my car or over at my house, or a few times in a restaurant bathroom late.

Greg was a great guy, but insatiable. I guess he's somewhere today enjoying sex three to four times a day with his wife. Hope I helped him to stay a virgin.



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