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My Boss Taught Me To Edge

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My boss showed me the awesome joys of edging and mutual masturbation when he discovered I was jacking off in the toilet downstairs.


The summer I was eighteen, returning from college, I got a job doing deliveries for a print shop downtown. The owner's brother was a family friend, and the job was easy and paid well.

I was masturbating a few times a day already, and since there were long periods when I didn't have any deliveries, I'd go into the toilet and jack off once or twice every day.

I usually had deliveries at the end of the day, and when I got back, all the guys in the shop had left and usually only the owner was there. We'd usually chat for a while before I left. He was always interested in what I was doing and what I thought about things, so I really enjoyed those talks.

After a couple of weeks, we began touching on sex, and he had some personal questions, like whether I'd had sex with my girlfriend, that kind of thing. It first it kind of creeped me out that he was asking, but it was really easy to be open with him.

One day he asked me if I masturbated, and I got really embarrassed-I was really shy about masturbating and how much I did it, and I'd never even talked about it with my best friends. I told him 'yes' and he didn't make any big deal about it.

A few days later, he asked me if I was masturbating in the toilet when I went in there, and I really freaked out. I had to confess to him that I did, but I really thought that I might get fired. He didn't seem upset when I told him, though, and in fact he said something about how fast I jerked off and laughed.

Then he asked me if I always jacked off that fast, and I said usually. He said, 'Oh, you're really missing the best thing! If you try not to cum right away, you'll really love it, I promise!' I asked him what he meant, and he said that when he masturbates he brings himself right to the edge and then backs off. Sometimes for an hour or more! I couldn't believe my ears! I was dumbstruck and confused, and also couldn't help it but I was getting hard.

He told me I should try it in bed that night, and I said I would. I stumbled out of the shop, eager to jack off, and embarrassed at what had just happened.

The next day, he asked me first thing if I tried it, and I told him I had. He asked how long, and I said about fifteen minutes. We couldn't talk more, and he said to be sure to come up to his office at the end of the day. He told me not to jack off in the toilet either, and was kind of stern about it. I felt really busted.

When I went up to his office, I was nervous at first, but he was really friendly and nice. He asked me a lot of questions about my masturbation the night before, like what my cum was like (awesome), how I felt when I was stroking (really good). He asked why I came so quickly, and I said I really couldn't control it, it just happened. He said that was really too bad, because he could tell that I still wasn't getting it.

'Well,' he said, 'maybe if we stroke together, you'll last longer. Do you want to try?' Talking about my masturbation like that had made me really crazy horning for stroking, and I told him yes. He went down and locked up the shop, turned down the lights in his office, and locked the door. I was already sitting on the couch in his office, and he sat next to me.

He began to unbutton his pants, saying 'it's gonna be better if you take off your pants, it's ok, nobody will disturb us.' I didn't want to show him how hard I was already, but didn't have a choice. I peeled off my pants and sat there with a super-hard-on, staring at his cock.

His cock was semi-hard, and bigger than mine. He was Greek, and had thick pubic hair. He was looking down on his cock, and as soon as he began stroking, it got hard and stiff.

I told him I'd never seen another guy's erection before. He asked me if it turned me on. I said 'fuck yes, I'm almost gonna cum right now.' He said for me not stroke, then, but to just gently rub along the shaft and wherever it felt good.

I began doing that, and he told me about how, when he was a young boy in Greece, he masturbated all the time with other boys, he had three or four he would masturbate with. He said they never had much contact with girls, and it was natural for them to enjoy themselves with other boys.

He told me about watching him and other boys begin to grow pubic hair, and how his own developed, and then, after a long time, he had cum appear, and right at that time one of his friends told him about masturbating, and they began doing it together. He described about how his friend had a thick, stubby cock and was very hairy and always shot tons of cum.

He looked over, and I was completely rigid. He said to watch him and do what he did. He began to stroke really hard, and I did too, suddenly he yelled 'let go', and let out a big 'ahhhh' as his cock bounced in the air, almost ready to cum. I let go, too, and almost fell out on to the ground with contractions, but I didn't cum.

After a minute, we began stroking again...and repeated this several times until suddenly, as I was about to peak, he whispered, 'let yourself CUM.' OMG, that orgasm was awesome! I musta had the stupidest smile on my face, because he burst out laughing!

He had a towel ready to clean up, and we sat for a while, and I told him that was fuckin' incredible. He said, 'you want to do it again?' He got some lube out of his desk, and lubed up my cock with his hand, and then his. For a second I thought it was wierd, but he did it so naturally I quickly forgot about it.

We stroked for another couple of hours...slower and not so frantic, and a few times he reached over and played with my cock, it felt really good. Finally, he whispered again to cum...and another, even stronger orgasm happened.

It was 11pm before I got home, and in bed I stroked again for a while until I came for the third time remembering how his hand felt between my legs...

...and the next evening, after work, we were quickly together on the couch, and then when he reached over, I surrendered my cock to him, and he stroked and kept me on the edge until it was past midnight and I was delirious with pleasure.

At the end, as we sat exhausted and splattered with cum, he said something that I've since heard many times, 'only men REALLY know how to treat a cock.'



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