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My Birthday Present

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I still get so horny when I think about it...


So it was my birthday, and my lovely boyfriend was going to take me out to dinner, his name is Adam (not his real name). My mom had dropped me off at his house and we were going to walk down to our town's cafe. His mom was the only one there (a lazy bum who couldn't care less what we did). The second we got to his room, the fireworks exploded.

He had his lip on my neck and I couldn't hold back the lust I was feeling. His hands roamed all over me, and before I knew it his hands were up my shirt massaging my breasts. I leaned backwards and he pulled my breasts from my bra and suckled one as he massaged the other. When I felt his teeth I could barely hold back my moans of ecstasy.

We were like that for a while and soon I turned away from him, I loved to tease him.

He spun me around and kissed me hard. I couldn't retain myself and grabbed his holey britches and ripped them all the way past his boxer line. He was really hot for it and so was I.

Adam shoved me hard onto the bed and lifted my shirt up again, biting and pinching my tits (he left a giant hicky). I was screaming inside, trying to hold back so his mother wouldn't hear us. He moved down and suckled my belly button.

He was such a gentlemen and asked if he could go in my pants and lick my pussy. We had never passed that stage, and I wasn't for sure if I could handle it. I nodded and he slowly pulled down my pants. I closed my eyes and felt his lips on my inner thigh, sucking and biting me. I squirmed on his bed, half of me off the bed.

Before I knew it, he was kneeling and his tongue dragging roughly over my pussy. I was so high I didn't know what to do but thrust up towards his lips. He parted my lips and licked inside me, his warm wet tongue sliding in and out. Moans escaped me as I tried to spread my legs more for him.

Adam started to rub me really fast and I started to breathe heavy. He grabbed my hips and stuck his tongue in and out of me once again. Then he bit my clit and sucked on it. It was painful yet gave me such a high. I squealed and squirmed. I cummed so much that I don't know how many times I had done it.

He stuck two fingers into me and jolted my body. I grabbed his pillow and bit into it, almost tearing it. He moved them in and out so fast and then would force them into me as far as possible. I cummed and he licked his fingers, then stuck one in my asshole. I tried to stifle my screams with his pillow, but it was really difficult.

He stopped and lay on top of me smiling, telling me how good I tasted. I was so horny, I cummed two more times while walking to the diner. He makes me feel so hot, I love him to death. He wants to marry me...I can't wait to find out what we'll do on the honeymoon.



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