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My Biggest Ever Ejaculation

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I was on the working section of my university degree and 21 years old. I was lodging in a house owned by a lovely old lady who wanted some company, an extra pair of hands for the house maintenance and some extra cash to top up her pension.

I still bought and enjoyed a few men's magazines and reading one (for a change) I found an article that said the best orgasms could be achieved by bringing yourself to the point of orgasm once an hour for as many times as possible. Like any red blooded male I wanted the best orgasm ever so the very next Saturday I embarked on the once an hour mission. I started when I woke up at 6am. It was frustrating stopping just before the point of no return but I wanted that best ever orgasm so forced myself to stop. I lay in bed for a while and decided I needed to get up or temptation would overcome me and I ended up going all the way.

So, with erection out front and centre I got up and pulled on my Y-fronts to stop my penis poking out the front of my dressing gown and went to the bathroom to get washed then downstairs to get some breakfast. My landlady was already up and about and my erection soon subsided as she fussed around me bringing toast and coffee whilst I read a book. Seven a.m. came up before I knew it and so upstairs I went on the pretext of getting dressed. Already charged and anticipating the feeling my penis was up and ready before I got to the top of the stairs. It took very little time to bring myself to the edge again and again it took strong willpower to hold off reaching that release I enjoyed so much. I'll not bore you with the details of each hour but I will mention that at each successive hour I found it easier to hold off although my erections became more and more instant.

I also discovered something I had not experienced before; pre-cum. In all the times I had masturbated before I had worked to reach orgasm pretty quickly and whilst sometimes I'd take a little more time it would always be a steady path up towards the peak. This new go stop process meant I was coming down before reaching that peak. As a result the lubricating fluids would build up but not be re-absorbed into my system before I was generating more. So by midday I found that as my penis became less erect after masturbating I would get this clear sticky fluid leaking out of my penis. I had only ever seen my full ejaculate before which was always a creamy white colour and quite thick and sticky. This new clear, slippery and more runny stuff was new.

As the day wore on I found that more leaked out even when I was masturbating and in fear that it was the start of an ejaculation I stopped a little sooner than normal. This probably helped my keep the hourly ritual up longer than I might have. By 10:30pm I had cycled through 17 times and was very pleased with myself for lasting so long. By 10:45 my landlady had retired to bed and left me watching the television. 15 minutes later, she was in bed and I was in the living room thinking about my next event. I decided I needn't go to my room so I unzipped in the living room and eased out my already purple and throbbing penis. It was already leaking a little pre-cum. I gave it some gentle strokes and it was not long before pre-cum started to positively dribble out making the engorged head very slippery so I stopped rubbing to avoid cumming (almost out of habit now).

I waited a few minutes for things to calm down. My penis was now harder than I can ever remember and it pulsed with each heartbeat. Pre-cum continued to gently bead at the tip and I could not resist reaching out and, using just the tip of my index finger, spread it over the head and glands. Even such light stimulation was bringing me close to orgasm so I stopped again. I leaned back to relax but as I did so I stretched my legs a little and this triggered an unstoppable event. I was not expecting it because I had stopped touching myself and I was expecting to come down slowly as before. My body had different ideas. The feeling under and in my balls grew and grew until my eyes were wide with fear that this was more than I could stand.

I was not touching my penis at all but it was sticking up harder and longer than I had ever seen it and the head was huge and purple looking like it might burst. The feeling continued to grow and spread down to my toes and up to my head until I thought I'd pass out. I just lay there frozen still and stared at my penis as it seemed to grow even more and then a huge and powerful stream of semen flew out and shot high over my left shoulder. This was followed by six more enormous jets of semen which landed on my face and shoulders and finally three or four more spurts came out onto my chest and tummy before what was left dribbled out of the end and down my still hugely engorged penis.

I had never seen so much semen and never had I ejaculated more than about 20cm at best and usually only onto my tummy. Normally I'd get one maybe two spurts onto my tummy and then the rest would dribble out. 11 powerful spurts plus a heavy dribble and some of these spurts over my shoulder and in my face was a revelation. Not to mention the totally amazing total body orgasm. I was blown away. My balls felt like they had been exercised to an inch of their life. But what bothered me was where had all that semen gone over my shoulder. The stuff on my face and chest was easy to deal with but I did not want my landlady finding semen on her furniture.

So after I cleaned myself up I looked around behind me for evidence. I was looking for creamy white semen which is why it took me a while to find the landing site. What I found was a splatter of wet spots all across the dining room table. One or two of them looked slightly jelly like but on the whole they were just wet splatters (I now know this was mainly the huge build up of pre-cum from the day long teasing). Looking at where I had been sitting to where the furthest wet spot I found I could not believe the distance. I dug out the tape measure from my landlady's sewing basket and measured it. Just over two metres.

Given my usual effort was a 10-12 cm or at best 20cm this was just astounding. I had no idea that it was possible. I have since seen Internet videos where individuals appear to be able to make such ejaculations, and better, on regular occasions maybe they spend all day building up to it but they claim this is their normal experience. I guess we are all different and I am happy with my normal 10-20cm but every now and then I play the day long tease and get good results but never quite as good as that first time.



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