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My Big Loving Sis

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My Loving Big Sis
Hello, I'm a 27yo man. I've always been very much attracted to my sister, Chauntey.
Well, I returned home last year for our annual family get-together. It during the cold winter months. The family home is washington near the border to canada.
I arrived a few days early, to see my old friends and just get away from my hectic life. When I got there, I was very surprised to see chauntey there, because I thought she got a new job and was doing great.
So, we went out for a walk, like we used to do when we were kids. We live out on a far stretch of land deep in the woods. We talked about our lives, what's new, and who we've been seeing. We talked as old friends do. I asked her if she was seeing anyone special. She said, "Me? No! Who'd want a fat pig like me?" I replied, "I would! I mean look at you, you're very attractive, HOT even!"
My sis was and still is a big girl. She's 3yrs older than me with an extremely cute face, 5'10", 280, with a huge rack, I'd say 48ee, a small waist, a tight yet big bubble butt, and these huge nipples that poked through her light blue Tee.
She pushed me, as to playfully say, "getoutta here." I said to her again, "Yes, are gorgeous. Afterall you are my big sis." To add a little humour into our conversation which I did a lot when the talk became heated. We stopped to sit on a cluster of small boulders. I began telling her of my teen masturbation fantasies. How I wished that she would've caught me. How I wished to see her naked.
When remembering these thoughts I had became apparent by the rise in my jeans. She couldn't help but look at it.
I gazed lovingly at her and my eyes dropped a little below her face, to her hardening nipples. She noticed me staring at her. At her big floppy braless tits. Lusting after her, and she blushed. She stood up to walk away. I immediately got up to chase after her. When she suddenly turned around and said, "I used to fantasize about you too!" "I did see you jerking your pole a few times, but you didn't see me." "I went back to my bedroom and masturbated to the thought of you blowing that big load all over and in me!" I was astonished! Needless to say.
But very turned on. When she uttered the words I'll never forget, she said, "Well, were not dumb kids anymore. Do you still want this big body?" Without hesitation, I said "Yes!!" She said, "Well, go back and sit down." So, I followed her instructions. So, I sat down and she took her shirt off and these huge tits flopped out. They were bigger than I thought. She then lifted her skirt to show she had no panties on and a very thick bush. "Awhhhhhh, just the way I like 'em." I muttered. I went to touch her, but she said, "Aren't you forgetting something?" I responded, "No, why?" She said, "Your pole, take it out and let me see it."
I said, "Oh! that, how silly of me." And I unbuttoned and unzipped, pulling my pants and underwear to my ankles. She stood there w/ her mouth open in shock. She said, "Oh, its gotten bigger, hasn't it?" I nodded.
It was at its hardest. She got to her knees and kissed its head, a lil bit of pre-ejaculate oozed out and she immediately licked it off, and said, "MMmmmmmmmm, just as I thought creamy." I took her mouth off my knob and made her stand up. She did. I kissed and licked her belly. and took my hand to her crotch to feel her thick thatch of hair. She was very wet, so I began to finger her. Stuck 1 finger in, brought it out and sucked on it, then put 2 fingers in.
I began sucking her big nipples, which made her cum immediately.
She pushed my head away and my hand. She told me, "Get behind me!" I got up, she ordered me to stick my throbing bone up her anus, which I gladly did.
I couldn't believe this, I pumping my sis' asshole, something I only dreamt of. Her little squeels of delight made it apparent that she was enjoying herself. With every push, she thrust her hips back to take every inch I had.
I reached my hand under her and stuck my fingers back in her juicy cunt, Which made her cum so loud!
I felt myself getting to the point. I moaned. She asked, "You there?" I replied, "y, y, yup" She then told me to take it out, which I did, she knelt down and started jerking it. I knew I was gonna blow a huge load in a few seconds, I pulled back. "NO!" she said, "Stay there!" So, I did. And soon, I was blowing my load in her mouth, on her tits and she sucked the last of my goo out of my prick.
She said, "We should go back now." and she and I got dressed and walked back to the house.
She came up to my room after we had dinner and said she wanted some dessert....needless to say I obliged her.
We are still getting together on family occasions and whenever she comes to see me. Which has been at least 2 times a month. --xenon



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