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My Big Brother's Girlfriend

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My big brother was 19 at the time and still living at home. Almost every day I'd hear him and his girlfriend in his bedroom while they were 'doing it'. It drove me crazy.


I was 15 at the time. My big brother had a night time job so when I'd get home from school every day I would hear him and his girlfriend in the next room 'doing it' with each other. She was in high school and got there at the same time I would. I, being a 15 year old boy hearing this, was going crazy. I'd hear him making sounds that I knew were from the pleasures he was feeling and I'd hear her squeal out from hers. I'd hear there bed squeak and could tell when they were cumming. I'd always get a raging hard on listening to them.

Then, one day, I got home just as my brother was leaving. He told me to tell Lisa that he had to go to work and he'd see her tomorrow. This was before the days of cell phones. When she got there, I told her what my brother had said. She said she needed to go to his room to get something. I let her in and she ran up to his room. After a minute or so, she called me in. I went in and she was sitting on the bed and told me to come over. I went over to her and she said 'I bet you can hear us every day, can't you'? I told her 'Yes'. She said 'I bet what you hear makes you real horny, doesn't it'? I didn't say anything. She said 'It's OK. I know how boys are. I bet you're in your room listening to us and jerking off, aren't you'? I again just stood there and didn't say anything. She then said 'I know you'd love to be in here instead of your brother getting this' holding her arms out to the side meaning her body. I looked up and down at her. She said 'Looks good, doesn't it. Have you ever touched a girl'? I shook my head no. She then motioned me closer and I moved right in front of her. She opened her shirt and took my hand and but it on one of her tits. She ask 'Feel good? Your brother sure likes doing this'. She then reached down and pulled the hem of her skirt up showing me her legs. She said 'Go ahead. I know you want to feel these. Your brother likes to get there and kiss on them. I reached down putting my hand on one of her thighs. She said 'Here. Do this' reaching her hand down moving my hand between her thighs feeling. With all of this going on, I was rock hard. She then reached over putting her hand on it.

She started undoing my pants. I just stood there. She dropped them to the floor and pulled down my briefs. She took them off. She then went to running her hand over my penis. it felt fantastic having a girl see and feel me there. She then went to stroking it. I didn't last but 20 seconds, if that long, before shooting cum all over her legs right where she had my penis aimed. It felt out of the world having a girl do this to me and I'd never cum so much in my life. She said 'Just like your brother'.

That was my first and it was two years later before I had another girl do that to me. I never told my brother about this and don't know if she did or not. My brother never said anything. But, he sure had a good girlfriend. After I'd had my hands on her, I knew why he had her in there every day. She felt GOOD!



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