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My Bicycle, Of All Things

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In earlier posts I've described how I discovered masturbation by going commando and rubbing on things, and my first experience in mutual masturbation at age 12. This story is about how I discovered the hand method when I was 13, since my way of doing it up up until then was by humping my bed or something else.
I had a great bike that I was very proud of, and spent a lot of time caring for it. One of the things I liked to do was repack the wheel bearings. Of course you can go for many years without fooling with things like that, but I thought I was keeping the bike in better shape by doing that every six months or so. I never had any real axle grease, so I always used vaseline, which is an excellent bearing grease, at least in my experience.
So here I was in the garage, sitting on the floor, doing the bearings. Having already cleaned them, I was just at the point of applying a new, thick layer of vaseline. Remember my post about going commando? Well, as usual when I could get away with it, I had no underwear under my shorts, and sitting cross-legged on the floor, my penis was peeking out. Being a normal horney 13 year old, and liking the feel of being free like that, I was partially aroused, and my penis was feeling somewhat sensitive. I knew I was going have to go masturbate when I was done, but didn't think much more about it.
I heard a noise outside, and afraid someone might be coming, I reached down to adjust my penis back out of sight. I tried to do it carefully to avoid making a mess with the vaseline that was on my fingers, but as soon as I touched the head and upper part of the shaft, I could feel how good the lubrication on my fingers felt to my penis. It was great! So I held the head of my penis that way, and it got fully hard, and I stroked it a little. The sensations were great, but unexpected.
No one came, so I continued to stroke my penis with vaseline covered fingers, and I realized this was a very good thing. I decided to stand up and move to the back of the garage, where I'd be out of sight if someone came. I pulled my shorts down and played with my penis, moving my slick fingers around, with it feeling better and better. Then I found a good stroking motion, and did it until I lost control and orgasmed, shooting all over the concrete floor in front of me. The feeling was really intense, and my knees got weak.
Unbeknownst to me, one of my friends had come into the garage looking for me, and walked around the pile of boxes I was standing behind just as my orgasm had finished. Our eyes locked in surprise, and I quickly yanked my shorts up. I reconstructed what he must have seen later: Me standing there with my shorts down and hard penis in my greasy hands, and globs of semen in lines on the floor in front of me. As I yanked my shorts up, a little glob of semen flung off the end of my penis and arched through the air. And of course I must have been blushing with embarrassment.
My friend was cool about it. He was obviously amused by my predicament. He said something like, 'Now I see why I couldn't find you. Everything come out OK?'
I thought I would die, but he never kidded me about it, though after I got over the worst of it we had that as a private joke we'd chuckle over when we got together. He did ask me about the grease on my hands, and I told him it felt really good. He asked if he could borrow some of my vaseline to try it, and I loaned him the jar. The next day he returned it (a lot was missing!), and said I was right, it really worked well.
Anyway, my hand became my primary method after that, since it was a lot more convenient in most situations, but I still humped my bed and pillow occassionally.
So, thanks to my bicycle, I learned a whole new trick. And my friend and I started doing it together soon after that when we had sleepovers. That's another story.



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