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My Best Ogasm Ever

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I have been reading stories on this site for a few years now so thought it was about time I submitted my own story.

My favourite way to masturbate is in the shower. I start off by taking the shower head off the attachment on the wall and direct the water around my breasts. As I start to feel turned on I slowly direct the pressure down my body and towards my clit (at this point I have the shower on the massage setting but only on light pressure). I then direct the pressure straight on to my clit and feel a sudden surge through my body and my knees buckle slightly so I lean against the wall. The coldness of the tiles often sends a shiver through my spine. I then turn up the pressure on the shower and let it work its magic on my clit. It feels sooo good! I start to slide up and down the wall behind me as the water hits me, intensifying the feeling. By this point my legs are feeling pretty weak so I lie down in the bath and put my legs up on the side. I use one hand to hold the shower head and the other to hold open my pussy lips. I start to shiver and I know I will orgasm soon. My hand that has been seperating my lips moves up to the wall. As the waves of pleasure surge through I push at the wall (I'm not sure why but when I orgasm I often feel the need to grab or push something). My whole body then starts to contract. I can't help but let out loud moans right from the pit of stomach. The intensity almost becomes too much but I just can't bring my self to redirect the water away from my clit. As I orgasm I almost scream as I feel the pleasure running through my body. My feet are pushing against the side of the bath, my hand sliding down the wet tiles, my whole body moving in time with my pussy's contractions. As the orgasm finishes I lie exhausted, flat out in the bath.

Sadly my new house doesn't have a massage setting on the shower and the water pressure isn't very good so I can't really do this anymore. I also like to use an electric tooth brush but as I live in a house with other people (and I'm never in on my own) I don't use this very often for fear of being heard (it's pretty loud). This therfore means that at the moment I generally have to stick to my hands. I never used to be able to orgasm with my fingers...that was until the other night...

I had been reading stories on Solo Touch and so was feeling pretty horney. As I was reading I could tell my pussy was aching for attention. I let my hand slowly slide down inside my jeans and stroked my clit through my panties. I couldn't believe just how wet my panties were! I stripped off and lay back down on my bed. I put some vaserline (sp?) on my fingers and slid a finger between my pussy lips and over my clit. I started to circle my clit with my finger. My clit seemed really sensitive that night and so the lightest touch sent waves of pleasure through me. I then slid my other hand down my body to join the first. As this one did not have any type of lube on it, I dipped it into my juices, mmmmm that felt good. I then placed my clit between my two forfingers and gently rolled it back and fourth between them. It felt great so I intensified the speed and preassure mmmmmmm... Suddenly I felt a small amount of liquid gush out of me, slide down my pussy and onto my bed. I had heard about female ejaculation but never experienced it before but oh my god it felt good! My whole lower area was now soaked, I slid my whole hand over my clit and around my pussy lips, pleasure surging through me. My breathing was pretty heavy and it was takking alot of effort not to let out a huge moan (I didn't want my housmates to hear). I inserted to of my fingers inside me fully. I wriggled them about inside me whilst still rubbing my clit with the other hand. I felt a sudden surge of imense pleasure and more liquid squited out of me. Much more than the first time. My bed underneath me was soaked but I didn't care. I scooped up as much of the liquid that I could and rubbed it over my clit. My pussy started to contract and I knew my orgasm was beginning. It shot right through my whole body, I was shaking from head to toe and couldnt help but let out a moan. I wish I could make you feel it, as it's hard to explain just how good an orgasm I experienced. As the contractions subsided I lay on my bed, hand still between my legs, absolutly exahsted from the best orgasm I have ever had.

I'm so turned on now from writing this that I may have to masterbate now (I just slid my hand between my legs and I'm really wet!). I just really hope I squirt again!



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