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My Best Friend's Mom Was in the Room

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I was at my best friend's house watching a movie with his mother in the same room as us. We were on the couch facing the TV, and his mother was on the computer with her back facing us. My best friend, Alex, was 15 with clean-cut, side swoop light brown hair and brown eyes.

We were watching 'The Ring,' strangely enough. We were laying down, with the same blanket over us. He slowly sat up and slid closer over to me, and he signaled for me to do the same. So we both sat there watching the movie like normal when I felt his hand on my knee, under the blankets.

I didn't say a thing because I didn't want his mother looking over, I just looked at him in shock, but he kept his face geared toward the TV and smiled. His hand slowly slid up my thigh, which instantly made me horny; because you know when someone touches your thigh it just triggers something.

I sat there and didn't say a thing, mainly because when you are a teenager your curiosity is through the roof, and it was feeling good. His hand got closer and closer to my crouch, the feeling made my dick spring to life, and in a matter of seconds his hand was over my crotch.

For a second (which felt like eternity) he kept his hand there and didn't move it, almost like he was thinking about what he should do next. He slowly squeezed and caressed my penis through my jeans. Just that felt simply amazing enough, but he didn't stop there. He unbuttoned my jeans, pulled the zipper down, and pushed my pants down just enough so the hole of my boxers was showing.

At this point my breathing was getting a little heavy, and every time I saw Alex's mother shift in her chair in the corner of my eyes, my whole stomach dropped in fear that she would turn around, but it quickly turned back to pleasure when I felt my best friend's hand around my penis.

He reached inside the hole and pulled my erected dick out, and started dry-jerking it off. It felt great! My head started to sweat, the ends of my blonde hair were getting damp, but then Alex did something that blew my mind.

He pulled his hand out, and spat on it, and used it as lubricant. The feeling felt incredible. He used his other hand to play with my balls, and not before long I could feel my body ache, and my balls tingle. I whispered, 'I am going to explode,' and when I did, he shoved his finger up my ass hole which cause my head to fall back and my eyes to close. My dick exploded in cum, I had to control my moan so Alex's mom wouldn't hear. Alex pulled his hand out, which was covered in my sperm, and he shoved it down his pants. I returned the favor to him and used my cum as lubricant. It was a thrilling experience.



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