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My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Part Two)

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Please read My Best Friend's Girlfriend linked below for the background.


Tuesday May 24, 2005

Not long after writing my previous submission, I worked up the nerve to tell David and Mary that I'd written an erotic story about Mary. I had no idea how they'd react, but they were both interested. The next time I went over, I took the story and read it to them. They both liked it. Mary was turned on by it. They both wanted me to write more. Mary began to share more intimate details with me about her body and sexual experiences. I then wrote another story about her adapted from a dream she described to me. They both enjoyed that story as well. Shortly after that, Mary and I came up with the idea of collaborating. As it turned out, we didn't get started until the night of Valentines.

Monday February 14, 2005

While brain storming for our collaboration, I joked that I could 'serve Mary to her mistress on a silver platter.' As it turned out, the image I inadvertently brought to both our minds was quite stimulating. After we got off the phone, I roughed out the idea, and the next day I read it to her. She liked it a lot, which I was thrilled about, but I was also a little concerned because I thought it might be kind of weird for me to be writing about my best friend's girlfriend in such explicit detail. She said she understood and we could stop if I was uncomfortable. I said no. The real problem was that despite my best intentions I was becoming very attracted to her. I admitted as much to her, and she told me it was obvious, but she didn't mind. I found out the next day that Mary had told David too that I was attracted to her and he didn't mind either.

Wednesday February 16, 2005

Mary and I wanted David to collaborate with us, and he allowed me to read some of our notes to him. At one point, when describing how he and I would be listening to her having phone sex with another female, I said he'd need to describe the sounds Mary was making as I'd never heard her in an orgasmic state before. He said he'd have to see what he could do about that, and I admitted that I had thought about asking him to get her off sometime while we were on the phone. He then stopped me only a third of the way through our notes. He wanted to get back to the book that he was reading. In truth, he'd been so absorbed by this book that he had little interest for anything else. Not only did he not care about helping us with our writing, but he'd also been somewhat neglectful of Mary all that week, even on Valentines. That was why I let her persuade me to spend the night on Thursday.

Thursday February 17, 2005

Mary and I were both frustrated with David. Partly because he didn't want to collaborate with us, but also because of the way he was treating Mary. She wasn't getting the attention she needed from him, and I would have given anything to be in his position. I sure as hell wouldn't have been ignoring her like that. Anyway, I relieved some of my tension in the afternoon after I got off of work by rewriting David out of our story. Instead, I had sexual relations with Mary. I'd always avoided writing anything like that because I thought it would be going too far, but this was my fantasy. When I was done, I realized as much and knew I could never tell her about what I'd written. Naturally, I called her right up and read it to her anyway. Not just like that though. I was very hesitant about it and skipped a lot of stuff and then re-read most of what I'd skipped once I knew how she reacted. Actually, I couldn't believe how well she took it. She even seemed turned on by what I'd written and undisturbed by the involvement between the two of us. She started to say something, as if to explain, but then stopped. Instead, she said what she'd change about the story, which, as it turned out, was a little too much, and I put the outline away never to be brought up again...

Tuesday May 24, 2005

I know this is just more background, but I feel it's really necessary in order for you to understand how and why everything happened the way it did. Also, I don't want each submission to be a novel, or even a novella, so I'm going to stop write here. I promise two things though: first, I won't submit this part until I have a final draft of the next part, and second, there will be action in the next part. I can't promise, however, that you will get anything out of it. I am writing this account for myself, and I can only hope that you enjoy it or find it interesting. And in case you were wondering, no, I didn't write about masturbation, but the experiences I'm endeavoring to describe still haunt my masturbation sessions, and when the time is write, I will describe one or more of those sessions. I think the way I approach the writing experience is with the point of view that masturbation is much the same for everyone, no matter how you do it, and there are those who are much better at describing it than me, whereas I am more concerned with the mental process that is involved, the chain of causes and effects, and the consequences. So, if after all this, you're still interested in what I have to say, thank you!

Happy jacking and jilling!



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