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My Best Friend's Girlfriend, Part Three

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Please read My Best Friend's Girlfriend and Part Two as linked below for the background.


Tuesday May 24, 2005

Continuing where I left off...

Thursday February 17, 2005

My mom dropped me off at David and Mary's apartment around 6:00PM. We just talked about this and that for a while, then we decided to order pizza. While David was looking up the phone number and his credit card number on his computer, Mary and I got into a discussion about learning good money management skills the hard way. I admitted to her that I'd once run up huge phone sex bills, and I wasn't even any good at phone sex! Then I started to say that phone sex could be really good if...and David hushed us so he could order. Mary seemed interested in what I was about to say, but we never resumed that discussion.

When David got off the phone, I asked if they wanted me to read them the silver platter scenario I'd come up with for our collaboration. Mary was all for it and she really wanted David to hear it too. So I opened the file on David's computer and began to read while they lay on the bed. David made various smart comments about what I'd written and Mary was very giggly and squirmy; he distracted me, and she distracted him. I kept making mistakes and getting flustered. After several more interruptions, I asked David if he had a rope. I suggested we could tie Mary up to keep her from messing with him and causing more disruptions. He said there was one in the closet, and I got the wicked idea of tickling her while she was tied up. She protested and ran out of the room. Then the pizza arrived.

After we ate, we went back in the bedroom and decided to give the silver platter scenario another try. We resumed our positions, me at the desk, David and Mary on the bed. I began to read. After a smoother start, they settled down and let me read. From the sounds Mary was making, it seemed she was getting turned on, and I'm reasonably certain, although I can't be absolutely sure, that David was touching her. When I finished, there was a good deal of giggling and commotion on the bed. I asked David exactly where the rope was. Even though I was only joking earlier about tying Mary up and tickling her, I thought it would be fun to give her a 'scare.' I dug the rope out of the closet while David restrained Mary on the bed. I discovered, however, that the rope was too rough to tie her up with. David then suggested securing her with the roll of electrician's tape in a kitchen drawer, all the while making suggestions about what we could do to her once we had her helpless. The truth is, the teasing was double-edged because Mary is into some light bondage, so our threats were probably just increasing her arousal, as we well knew.

I left the bedroom to retrieve the tape and prepare the living room. David and I had decided we should make up the pullout bed where I was going to sleep and play with Mary on it. I had just closed the blinds when David called to me to hurry back into the bedroom. As I made my way back in there, I could here Mary making some energetic noises. I thought she was struggling to get away from David before I could bring him the tape, but when I approached the bed...it sounded more like...but I wasn't sure. I asked David, but he didn't answer. I asked Mary if she wanted me to leave, but she couldn't answer. I hesitated, wondering if I should leave. Then I sat down in the desk chair feeling a little lightheaded. I couldn't believe I was listening to Mary getting fingered just a few feet away from me. I thought David was going to do that to her while she was on the phone with me, if at all. Well, it was great, but I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I hadn't been so surprised.

When it was over, we talked very casually. Mary sounded breathless and satisfied, and completely unperturbed about me being in there. I have no idea if David asked her first, or just did it. I was probably more thrown by the whole experience than either of them. Well, I found out that Mary had become naked sometime during all of that and didn't seem in the least shy about my presence in the room. Not that I could really see her, but...you know what I mean. I really wish I could have seen her. Anyway, we were talking, and for some reason she said she was able to suck her own nipples from the age of fourteen. Just to be ornery, I told her I didn't believe her. Mary said David could tell me. He, being a pal, told her I wouldn't necessarily believe him either. She made an exasperated sound and got up from the bed and started toward me. Then she stopped and turned back and asked David if she should show me. He said she could do whatever she was comfortable with. I told Mary not to do it if she didn't want to. She said it was okay. She then stood in front of me and took my hand and put it on her right breast while she sucked for a couple of seconds on her nipple. I couldn't believe she let me do that. I didn't take advantage of the situation to try and feel her up. When she released her nipple, I let go of her boob. I thanked her.

Wow! I'd never expected anything like what had happened that evening, and to think, she had to persuade me to come over. However, I should stop here to point out that none of this was planned. I'm almost positive that's the case. Everything just happened because the mood was right. I felt very lucky indeed. Then, as David was leaving the room to go to the bathroom, he commented that I'd never felt an attractive naked woman before. Although I didn't choose to argue the point (in essence, it was true), the statement was probably intended to encourage (manipulate) Mary to do what she did next. She took my hand and pulled me to my feet. She then put my hand on her arm. Unsure what she was up to, totally aware of her nakedness mere inches from me and trying to be casual about the fact, I asked her what she was doing. She then turned her back to me and said she was showing me her form. I asked if she was sure, and she said yes. So I very tentatively felt her arms, shoulders, hair, ears, neck, back, and I'd just put one hand lightly on her left buttock when David came back in and bumped into her which caused Mary to yelp. That made me yank my hand off her ass like I'd touched a hot stove. We both rebuked David for startling us, then I hesitantly resumed my tour of her. I felt her ass and the backs of her thighs and her legs and ankles, then she turned around and I felt her ribs and stomach and chest and, after a moment, her breasts too. It was awesome! I asked if that was it, and she said yes. She didn't offer to let me feel her pussy and I didn't ask. I was grateful to Mary beyond all expression for letting me feel everything else.

I told her she was attractive and thanked her again. She thanked me too because she said most guys would have just turned around and told David that she was attractive, rather than her. That never occurred to me, though I did thank him for letting her show me and for letting me feel her. She sat down in the chair at the desk and I sat with David on the bed. He then said something about how wet she was. She agreed and said that when in my scenario I'd described her as trickling, she said it was more like gushing down her thighs. Then David said she ought to show me. She stood up, but seemed a little reluctant, and asked if she should. He said only if she was comfortable. I told her she didn't have to, but she came to me anyway. I was so aware of her standing there completely naked right in front of me, pussy just a few inches from my face. I couldn't help sniffing. I'd noticed in the past that Mary didn't leave a trace of her odor that I could pick up after entering the bedroom, the way my ex-girlfriend did, and I was just trying to pick up her scent. She really didn't have any, at least, not strong enough for me to detect. So Mary took my hand and ran it over her pussy. It was a little damp, though not as much as I thought it had been from what she and David said. I got to feel her clit, which was indeed big! I liked her clit! I didn't really explore her pussy very thoroughly as I didn't want to push my luck, so-to-speak. She said she wasn't going to let me finger her, not yet. David and I both gave her a hard time about that yet.

Well, we decided to take a breather and play a card game. I said we could play Strip, except Mary was already naked, and there wouldn't be much point. She said she had to put her panties back on anyway, otherwise, she'd drip on the seat of her chair. So she put her panties back on, but nothing else. We went in and played cards for a while. During the game, we talked about what had happened and what we could do later. Mary was horny enough at this point to be up for nearly anything. She wanted to play hide and seek in the dark, and other little games. Silly as it sounds, and as David thought, I was all for it. My sense of fun allowed for chasing a naked girl through the apartment. But then David said he wanted to read some more when we finished playing cards. We couldn't believe it! He'd rather go and read than play sex games, when he'd been encouraging the games all along too? Yes. So we agreed to leave him alone to finish the tape he was listening to, then get on with the festivities. So Mary and I played cards some more and talked about what had happened and other sexual experiences we'd had. It was at this time that Mary went ahead and said what she'd started to tell me earlier in the day after I read her the story, I wrote with the two of us getting physical. She said it didn't bother her because she'd had a dream earlier in the week in which someone else was touching her besides David while he was there. As long as she was comfortable, that's all that mattered to me.

Well, to cut a long and increasingly disappointing and aggravating evening short: when David finished his tape, he wanted to eat. When he was done eating, he wanted to go to bed. I thought he'd lost his mind. I waited in the living room while Mary went with him into the bedroom to talk. When she came back a while later, she said he had only been joking about the three of us playing around. Well hell, couldn't he have told me? All that time I'd been making suggestions and Mary'd been getting hornier and hornier, and he'd never intended to go through with it. Just joking? Couldn't he have said something sooner so I wouldn't have made a fool of myself and Mary wouldn't get all fired up? Apparently not. Well, it was an unpleasant night after that. We all went to bed, only I couldn't sleep. I was pissed off and uncomfortable. The bed in the living room was never easy to sleep on. I brooded for awhile, seriously considering calling a cab and leaving, but I didn't. Eventually I fell asleep...

Tuesday May 24, 2005

That turned out to be one of the greatest nights of my life. Not all of it, but the bits when I got to feel Mary's bits. I was also amazed that I didn't even have to ask for the privilege. All I had to do was lay the groundwork and let them take the lead. I just wish we could have done more that night. We could have had a lot of fun. Well, that still gave me plenty to masturbate about, but not there, of course.

Comments are welcome. I hope you got something out of my stories. If not, please keep your own stories coming and I'll try to do better next time. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has mixed feelings about their adventures. In my case, I feel kind of like I manipulated the situation to make things turn out the way they did, which would be 'wrong,' but at the same time I know no one was forced to do anything against their will. Maybe I just wish it'd been more their idea than mine. I don't know, I guess I'm saying part of me thinks it shouldn't have happened, that I should have said no when Mary offered to let me feel her, but the rest of me just wants to do whatever it takes to get some more hands-on experience. Oh well. That's my story.

Happy jacking and jilling!



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