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My Best Friend's Brother

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My Best Friend's Brother
This is one of many instances with Shawn...
Like all little girls I've always had a crush on my best friend's brother. In my case his name is Shawn. (I vowed never to tell my best friend) Growin up I never really knew what masturbation was but I knew that whenever I touched myself "down there" I got a tingly feeling throughout my body. The more I thought of Shawn the happier I became. Late at night when I was sure that my parents were asleep, I would begin to think about him, in his swim trunks and naked, all of the sudden I would feel myself getting wet and I couldn't stop...
One night I was at a party at Shawn's house.(My friend was out of town) I usually stayed the night due to the fact that my parents really don't approve of underage drinking. Shawn and I (not to mention a few others) had a bit too much to drink, so when the party finally cleared out we felt the need to stay up a bit longer. Shawn gave me a piggy-back ride into his house and sat me down on the kitchen table, looked me in the eyes and said you know I've been thinkin about you for a long time... really, I thought.. He continued, I love to play hard to get... (he being 20 and me only 17 I felt I had lost out on a few years) I said well you're not the only one and I teased him by unbuttoning the top few buttons of my plaid tummy exposin shirt. ( We cowgirls like to go out on a limb sometimes and not wear bras, this so happened to be one of those nights) My little games obviously turned him on. He leaned in and kissed me.
Knowing that Shawn was totally into me made me really hot and horny. I had wanted him for so long and finally I got him. We walked into his living room after some heavy making out on the kitchen table where I took off my shirt exposing my rounded c cup breasts, by this time he was down to his boxers sitting with his legs apart on the couch. I slide down my Wranglers and smiled my Miss Congeniality smile with nothin but a thong on and straddled him. I slide my hard nipples gently over his chest moving downward toward his swollen cock, I pulled off his shorts exposing a 6 in. thick dick. I couldn't take it anymore, I took his knob gently into my mouth and let the uncontrollable drool from my mouth slide down his shaft. Once he was lubed with my saliva I slowly slide my mouth up and down his shaft and sucked his knob like a baby sucking a pacifier. Massaging his balls in my right hand I felt them start to tighten up so I stopped at the breaking point just long enough to let my breasts engulf his raging shaft and have him cum all over my chest, neck, face and mouth. The power behind that volcano astonished me...
I had never seen a man cum before. The way it landed on my lips and mouth I will never forget. And the tangy taste on my taste buds was something I had never experienced before. All I knew was that I had to have more. We continue to see each other in secrete.... Never once leading on to others about our late night play dates... To this day he still says that he will never find another as good...
Feel free to email me: L. I'd love to share my stories. I'm also thankful to meet others that are just as generous.



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