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My Best Friend's Brother

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Second Post. Excited about this story but there is no one I can tell.


Hi everyone. It's been a while since my last post but I finally have another story to tell.

I'm still a virgin and I don't have a boyfriend so I masturbate a lot. With school and work there is not much time for a social life. So instead I just check out hot guys and use it as my inspiration later. I love butts, but honestly I try to see if I can catch a guy while he's hard so I can see the outline in his jeans. That just gets me going.

Anyway, my best friend Amber has an older brother named Steven. I think he is two or three years older than me but I'm not exactly sure. He's tall and cute and I've checked him out more than a few times. Amber caught me once a few years ago and we made each other promise that our brothers were off limits to each other. Well, it turns out that was easier said than done.

Last week, Steven was going out of town for the weekend with some friends and he needed someone to watch his dog and fish while he was away. I guess he couldn't find anyone because he asked me at the last minute. He lives about two blocks from where I work so I told him ok and that I would probably just stay over instead of making the drive home.

The weekend went by quick. The dog was no fun he just kinda laid around all day until it was time to eat and the fish just swam around. No biggie. I kinda went snooping around the loft but Steven didn't have any fun or dirty secrets. At least ones that I could find.

Sunday night, Steven texts me that he's on his way and he would back sometime after midnight. I said ok and I was just watching tv on the couch and I fell asleep. I awoke to the sound of Steven coming in the front door and he apologized for waking me.

Then we just kinda started talking about this and that and long story short we ended up cuddled on the couch with the lights off watching a movie. He slowly started creeping his arm up my outer thigh. I got butterflies in my stomach but I just pretended not to notice. Before I knew it his hand was under my shirt and he was slowly rubbing my stomach. I tried to ignore it for a while but I started getting so wet.

I leaned more into his body and I tried to put my hand on his leg but it landed right on his crotch. He was soo hard. It felt like his jeans were going to bust at any moment. Then he just turned my head and stated kissing me. I thought about my promise to Amber for a split second but I wanted this so bad. I started to rub his bulge through his jeans. Squeezing and grabbing it.

He kicked off his shoes and laid me down on the couch in one motion. My heart was beating and I was nervous but I had never been so horny in my life. He unbuttoned my shirt all the way down then undid my belt. He pulled off his shirt and showed me his sexy abs before he finally laid his hot body onto mine.

We were vigorously making out and rubbing each others body. After a while I just wanted to feel his hard dick in my hand. I kept trying to slide my hand in his jeans but it was a tough angle and his belt was still on.

He noticed me trying and lifted his torso away from mine. I pulled on his belt until I got it open then went for his jeans and zipper. Finally I reached my hand in an pulled out his hard dick. It was pretty thick and I would guess about six or seven inches. I'm not experienced enough to know a guys size. I would have to measure.

It was already dripping his precum and I used it to glide my hand up and down his hard shaft. He brought his body down on the side of me and began to undo my jeans. By the time he got his hand down my pants I could feel my wetness all over my inner thighs. He was rubbing my clit and sticking his fingers in me. I just kept stroking his cock while my hand got wetter from his precum.

He sat up and tried to pull my jeans down but I told him that I was still a virgin. He didn't say a word and just laid back down beside me. I put my hand back on his cock and started rubbing his abs with my other hand. I could feel his muscles start to tighten and I knew he was going to finish. All of a sudden I could just feel his warm cum shooting onto my stomach and dripping down my hand. It was the most cum I had ever felt or seen and he just kept shooting. He finally finished and just laid there for a second.

He then got up to go find a towel and I quickly started to rub myself and had a great cum before he got back. Now his cum felt cold and I could feel it oozing down my side. Steven gave me the towel and I wiped myself down.

He tried to get me to stay but I started to feel bad about Amber. I left and got home in time to eat breakfast with my parents. Amber came over that day and I was so excited but I couldn't tell her anything. Steven has been texting me three or four times a day since then but I just keep saying I'm busy. I like him and honestly I wanna fuck him but I made a promise to Amber.



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