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My Best Friends Brother

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Wow what a great site! Very informational!


I was 14 when this happened. I went over to my best friends house to stay the night. We watched tv & talked about guys in our school until about 12:30. She had a little sister and an older brother of 15. (a year older than me) She always picked on him ruthlessly. It drived me crazy because she tried to get me to hate him as well but I wouldn't get into it. So anyway, she, being tired, dropped off to sleep. Her little sister wasn't home and her mom was already sleeping. I was wide awake and remembered that earlier I had borrowed my cd player to her older brother, Brandon. I wanted to listen to my Eminem cd I brought so I called into his room. (which was about 10 feet from where I was sleeping) (oh, did I mention he doesn't have a door? ;D Just a (very see-through) bedsheet hung up.)His light was on so I figured he was still awake. I said 'Brandon, are you using my cd player or can I have it back?' He replied 'No i'm not using it, come get it.' I pushed the sheet back and walked into his room. He was sprawled on his bed in just his boxers. I then got to have a good look at him. He was actually pretty cute! I noticed him checking me over too as he handed me my cd player. I said thanks and walked out. After I laid back down and started listening to Eminem, I was still wide awake, bored and now lonely. So I took off my headphones and sighed. I heard him call out quietly, 'Are you still awake?' I said 'yes, why?' He said 'Do you want to talk?' So I figured what the hell, why not. So we just started talking quietly back and forth between rooms but he gradually got quieter and quieter. I found byself calling back 'What?' Finally after about 7 times of that he just said 'Come in here' so I went in and stood by the door while he was still sprawled out on the bed. I then felt kind of awkward and could feel myself blushing. He offered me to come sit on the bed with him as he sat upright. So I did. After awhile I made a funny but insulting comment about him. He playfully poked me in the side and (being deathfully ticklish everywhere) jumped a little. He laughed and said 'A little jumpy are we?' His mom yelled for us to go to sleep so he shut the light off but asked me to stay and keep talking. I agreed. In the moonlight I could see him reach on his dresser to grab something. I, feeling more bold in the dark, reached over and poked him in the side as he did to me. He jumped a mile and a said, giggling, 'A little jumpy are we?' He smiled really big and reached to grab me. We got in a major tickling fight which was hard to stay quiet to because we were both so ticklish. I don't really know how it happened but I felt him pull me gently into his lap while we were tickling each other. During the tickling I accidently brushed my hand against his dick (He was wearing thin boxers) and felt it was semi-hard. We could still see in the full moon. I opened my eyes and was laying in his lap and he was looking down at me smiling. I knew what was coming. He bent over and kissed me gently on the lips a few times then we started making out. I could then feel his boner sticking into my back and it turned us on all the more. Afterwards, he was laying on his back and I was on top of him, I knelt down to his waist and slowely pulled down his boxers. 'I want to see it' I whispered. 'I was hoping you would' He whispered back. Wow was he well hung! I reached out and gently stroked his 8.5 inch boner and then wrapped my fingers around it and slid my hand up and down on it. He laid his head back and started to get heavier on his breathing. With my other hand I massaged his balls and quickened my pace a little. He moaned a little. I bent over and licked his navel playfully. I moved down and started licking then sucking on his head only. I moved down his dick slowely until I reached his base. He moaned again only louder this time. I felt him shudder and he started to move his hips rhythmically to the speed of my sucking. I felt his body stiffen as he arched his back slightly and he gasped 'I think i'm going to...' Then he came. Loads of cum gushed into my mouth and down my throat. I loved the taste and feeling. Apparently he did too. He let out such a loud sound that his sister woke up and pushed open the sheet. Brandon and I just stared at her surprised. She just looked at us disgusted and said 'My best friend and my brother' and shook her head and went back to sleep. I glanced at Brandon like 'What now?' So I finished emptying him dry then said goodnight and went back to bed. My best friend didn't remember in the morning, thank God. So it just went unsaid. We had a few other nightly meetings, much in the same way and my best friend never found out. Or so I thought...? :0



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