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My Best Friend, Two Others and Me

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Definitely a night to remember.


This happened a few months ago, one Saturday night. My best friend and I (we'll call him George) were waiting for these two girls to call us up (we'll call them Christa and Jan). Finally, after a few hours of us just hanging out, they called us up and wanted to know what we wanted to do. They wanted to go bowling, but George and I didn't really want to go bowling. So we all ended up meeting at the movie store and renting a movie.

George and Jan have had a thing for each other for a while, and Jan's friend Christa had a huge crush on me so I was more than happy to have them come over to my place. George and Jan were on the floor beside my bed, and I was on the bed with Christa.

About 10 minutes into the movie Christa and I were cuddling pretty close to each other, holding hands, and gently brushing her hand. I was a little scared to take the first step further, so I just continued to watch the movie. After a little while, I could hear George and Jan making out on the floor beside me. I really didn't mind it at all; I knew that was gonna happen the whole time. Then a little while longer I could hear them both starting to breathe heavily and eventually it turned into moaning. Being me, of course I looked over to see what was going on. I could clearly see Jan giving George a handjob and he was loving it! He then started rubbing her clit. Seeing and hearing this was more than a turn on. Seeing my best friend getting a handjob and him rubbing Jan's clit was very erotic (no I'm not gay but it was interesting to see).

They both continued this for the longest time, I couldn't even tell you. I got hard almost instantly, so I was lying there with this cute girl in my arms and I was extremely horny by this point, so I turned over to her, she looked at me and we starting making out. I started rubbing her breasts and she starting rubbing my hard cock through my pants. She then undid my pants and started jerking me off. I couldn't believe this was happening, and this was all in the view of my best friend and Jan. She did it nice and slow and it felt amazing. This was my first time having anyone jerk me off.

The whole time we didn't say a word to each other. We looked into each others eyes and knew exactly what we wanted. She took a break from working on my cock and I went and started returning the favor to her. I took my fingers and started to stimulate her clit. I could tell she was really enjoying this from the look on her face. After a few minutes she was moaning really loud, and she started to jerk around... I made her cum! She lay there for a few minutes catching her breath on what just happened. Remember, my best friend and Jan were on the floor doing the same thing, but I wasn't focusing on them too much. When she caught her breath she grabbed my throbbing cock and stroked me really fast. The sensation was amazing! I looked over down on the floor and Jan was working on George's cock as well. I couldn't handle it any more and I came all over my chest, bed and her hands. She smiled as she licked up all the cum off her fingers, leaned on me and we started to make out again.

After about 20 minutes, Jan got up and said, 'Christa, it's time for us to go. It's almost 3am!' Christa and I had to get cleaned up so, I grabbed the box of 'emergency' tissue I keep under my bed and got cleaned up. Then, sadly, Christa and Jan both got dressed and headed out the door.

After they left George and I sat in my room and talked about what just happened. George was extremely tired so he just wanted to go to bed but I was still extremely horny. He slept on the floor beside my bed and after bout 10 minutes, I heard that he was snoring. So I started to jerk myself off again-I couldn't help myself I HAD TO-I didn't care if he was sleeping there or not. Thinking about what just happened sent me over the edge again and I came all over myself. I cleaned myself up and fell asleep.

For some odd reason, I woke up about three hours later and I had another hard on. So, I thought, what the heck, I'll do it again. I looked over and George was still sleeping so I knew he wasn't going to wake up. I jerked off for a good 10 minutes and again I came all over myself. There wasn't as much cum since most of it was in the tissue from the previous sessions. I threw the tissue on the floor and fell back asleep.

When I woke up I realized that I had left the used tissue on the floor. George, I'm pretty sure, saw it but he didn't say anything to me. I'm sure if he saw it he knew what was in there. I don't think George jerked off after the girls left, since he didn't leave any 'evidence' but maybe he did. I don't know; he never said anything to me.

What a night that was, being with my best friend and sharing an experience like that was awesome! Goes to show how close of friends we are. Hopefully more stuff like that will happen in the future! George, if you read this you should post your own version of the story so everyone can get both sides of the story! I hope you guys enjoyed, now I must go have a nice session before heading to bed...



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