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My Best Friend Andres

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When I was younger I had a friend who happened to be my neighbor. His name was Andres. Andres and I were roughly the same age. We would do everything together from hanging out at his house or hanging out at my house. We would bike around town, or go for walks.

One night Andres' parents were out of town and he had invited me over. Things happened normally like every other time I went over there for a sleepover. He began with what do you want for dinner or are you even hungry. After that was settled we went down into his basement to play some video games.

Hours have passed and we were still playing video games when Andres had asked me if I knew what masterbation was. I told him that every night I did it in my room. I would get naked and start playing with myself. Within minutes I could see that he was becoming hard. So I asked him if her ever masterbated. He told me that it was kind of hard to (considering he shares a room with his younger brother) so I had enough guts to ask him if he wanted to masterbate now.

He said to me, well does that mean you'd have to see my penis? I told him that it was okay because we were both boys. And that our penises were probably the same.

With that I started to take off my shirt. And I saw Andres eye balling me. He started to take off his shirt too. I told him, maybe we should go to your room where it is more comfortable. He agreed.

So we both walked upstairs to his room without our shirts on. When we got there I started to unbuckle my belt and slowly removed my jeans. He proceeded to do the same. By now my boner would be sticking far out of my pants. He noticed my erection and he said to me 'getting a little excited' I joked and said only if you are.

We both removed our pants and there we both were on his bed in our underwear. I told him that he should take off my underwear and that I should take off his.

He proceeded to remove my underwear. And my penis instantly shot out of my pants. He said wow your pretty big. At this age I had a nice five inch boner (circumsized) with no pubic hair. I removed his underwear and noticed that he had the same size penis with also no hair (circumsized). He then asked me if we should masterbate. I said sure.

So I started to stroke my penis up and down and then I had the urge to get my hand around his boner. So I slipped my hand over and I started to stroke him. I could tell he liked it because he didn't push me away. Shortly after his hand began to make its way to my penis. There we were in his bed naked stroking each other. He looked up at me and said 'can I kiss you'? I said you don't have to ask. So he then came at me and we started to make out with our hands still on each other's penises.

He then asked if me if I wanted to take a shower with him. I said sure. So we got into the shower and started making out while still playing with each other's penises. We then proceeded to do other stuff.

When we were finished we went back into his room and played with each other the whole night. We even fell asleep in each others arms naked.

No one ever found out about this. To this day we're both straight with steady girlfriends but I could still remember the night I masterbated with my best friend.



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