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My Best Friend and I

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This happened to me a few weeks ago, when my best friend Kyle's family had left for the weekend, leaving Kyle all home alone. With his parents permission he had invited me over to keep him company for the weekend. Kyle and I had been best friends since elementary school, and at the age of 17, we were still as close as could be. Kyle and I both were heavily into sports and did almost everything together.

The prospect of staying alone with Kyle for a weekend by myself was almost too much to handle. Even though I've had many girlfriends and find girls attractive, I couldn't help but notice that Kyle was stunningly attractive. I'd often try and get peeks of him in the showers after a heavy work out. He was about 6'0' with dark black hair, a chiselled face, and stunning blue eyes. His body was rippling with muscles and his skin was almost always a deep tan.

I was about 5'11', with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm a bit broader than Kyle was, who was slender and muscular.

When I arrived on the first night, we acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. We hung out, watched movies, ordered in pizza, and were just chilling out. We were both about to turn in for the night when Kyle started to get a little frisky. He started to get up and throw me around on the couch, and I counter attacked and tossed him down on the floor. We continued to wrestle, putting each other in various holds and throwing each other around. It started to get hot so we both decided to take off our shirts. Kyle tossed his shirt on the couch, revealing his strong broad back glistening with a thin layer of sweat. His biceps bulged when we continued to fight.

We wrestled for a while, soaking in each others sweat, until Kyle sat up straight. 'Boy it's hot in here,' he said as he took off his pants, wearing only white boxer briefs. I could see the outline of his penis clearly through the underwear. I must have been staring for too long because he said, 'What, never seen a penis before?' With that he took off his underwear and threw it on the couch. He was totally naked before me drenched in sweat, his body glistening.

I followed suit and removed my pants. We continued to wrestle, I couldn't help but get aroused feeling his penis rubbing all over me. It wasn't until he got me in a lock that I realized that we were both fully erect. He pinned me down, staring at me. 'I won,' he grinned. 'I guess you did,' I said smirking.

Kyle looked down at our penises, almost touching. Mine was about six inches and thick while his was just massive. It must have been at least eight and a half inches with a thick purple head. I couldn't help but stare in awe. Now I knew why he was so popular with the ladies. 'Nice cock,' I whispered.

But Kyle was silent. He smiled as he placed my hand around his giant shaft. I started to stroke it up and down instinctively. Kyle began to moan and smile. He took both our cocks in his hand. He slowly began to rub. 'What're you doing?' I asked. 'Just relax,' he said.

I stared into his eyes as he concentrated on our dicks. His face contorted with every movement. A large flow of pre-cum started to flow from his stiff dick, which made a nice lubricant.

At that point, we each grabbed each other's cocks, going completely crazy. We were both in orgasmic bliss, our bodies drenched in each others sweat and pre-cum, smelling the thickness and raw sex in the air. In a few strokes, Kyle shot everywhere, hitting his stomach, my hand, and flying all the way to my shoulder. I wasn't too far off. Kyle jacked me until I shot the most fierce shot of my life. I exploded everywhere, shooting myself in the face and Kyle on the neck.

We sat there breathing, smelling of semen and sweat. Kyle reached down and rubbed the semen on my chest and cock. With that he smiled, got up, and walked to the shower.

I followed him in, but that's a different story.



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