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My Best Friend and I

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A memory from a year ago.


I met Tyler about two years ago. I loved Tyler from day one. He was only twelve when I met him, and I was fourteen. But if there ever was a boy I wanted to be with, Tyler was that boy. I really didn't think of myself as gay or being a fag, but I found myself strangely attracted to this beautiful young boy. When I met him he was almost five feet tall with the most hypnotic eyes of bluish grey. His dirty blonde hair was neck length with it shaved underneath. His body was a true work of art. At only twelve he had a flat washboard stomach, broad shoulders, nicely developed muscles, and an ass that was.... well, perfect. I had never met someone who stopped me in my tracks, let alone someone of the same sex. But here he was. Over the years we grew to be great friends. Some would say we were like brothers, others would say we borderlined on lovers because we were so close. But we had never done anything that was other than brotherly like. We were as close as two people could be without being true lovers.

So, as time went on, we played together, hung out together and got into all the trouble that blossoming boy preteens could get into. All this time I truly loved Tyler as a brother, but then it happened. The love of a friend turned into the desire of a lover. Tyler and I were at his house and we were the only one's home. It was the summertime. School was out, his brother Matt was at a friends house for the night, and Tyler's parents were at work. The house was scorching hot that afternoon, and there was no breeze to help cool our sweltering bodies.

Tyler and I were sitting on the couch, both of us in our shorts because it was so hot. We had been watching a movie, but I couldn't tell you which one because all I could do was stare at his young, hard, sweating body. Finally, when I couldn't help myself anymore and after a year of watching his body develop into a work of art, I reached over and put my hand on his arm and slid it down, wiping sweat off his arm. He smacked my hand away and gave me that quick 'fag' look. I was shocked that I had jeopardised our friendship that fast. If he had any idea that I wanted to feel his sweating skin because I desired to feel him, I was sure we wouldn't be friends anymore. But then he jumped on me and wrestled me to the ground. So there we were, two teen boys of fourteen and sixteen, wrestling on the floor in our shorts on a sweaty hot day. We wrestled for like ten minutes or so before we both finally gave up. I was on my back and he was sitting on my hips with his legs on either side of my body, kneeling. We looked at each other, breathing heavy from the heat, and the wrestling. Eye to eye. The weight of his body sitting on my crotch started to excite me. It bothered me because it felt good.

I felt the onset of a hard-on coming and I wasn't sure what to do. Half of me said push him off and hide my blooming erection but the other half of me said let him feel it growing inside my shorts, against his ass. I struggled with my decision. With every heartbeat, my dick would grow and pulse a little more. I figured I had about three or four seconds before it would be too late to decide and he would feel it anyway. For this five seconds that felt like an eternity we stared at each other without blinking, and then it happened. In that split second of indecision, he leaned over me and slowly moved his face closer to mine.

Our lips were only an inch apart and he suddenly stopped. I could see the fear of what he was about to do, and the risk in his eyes. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted to feel his lips on mine, but I wanted him to be the one to kiss me. I did the only thing that I thought I could do to tell him that I wanted it also without forcing him into it. I slightly pushed up with my hips and flexed my hardening penis so that blood would rush to it for an instant. I saw in his eyes that he felt my penis against his ass. For a moment, I could tell that he was confused by this. But then, I watched his face turn from confusion to realisation. He knew now for a fact that I wanted it as bad as he did. So he planted his lips to mine. It was the most passionate, loving, forgiving kiss I have ever had to this day. His tongue in my mouth was like it was made by god to be there. Finally he sat back up with a smile and laughed. He told me he had been wanting to do that since we first met, but he was scared that it would ruin our friendship. I told him that I had had the same feeling. But now it was a different story. We both knew we wanted to explore more of each other. We had explored our minds for the last year, now it was time to explore our bodies.

It was a very weird feeling that I was having at this point in time. It was like opening a present at Christmas time. I knew what I was getting in general, but I didn't know what it would look like. So there we were, both of us in our boxers. Both of us had obvious hardon's sticking straight out of them, and both of us wondering where to begin. I finally made a move and suggested that we go upstairs to his room just in case someone came over or home. That way we would have a little bit of warning.

We made our way up the stairs. The whole time I could do nothing but stare at Ty's ass as he walked up in front of me. It amazed me how hard my cock had got and I hadn't even touched it yet. We got to his room and I shut the door and locked it. I turned round and we stood looking at each other. He smiled his Tyler smile at me. It's the only smile in the world like it, then he started to reach for the waistband of his underwear. I told him to stop and walked up to him. I wanted this to be the perfect moment.

I gently kissed his lips, moved down and kissed his neck, and kissed his bare, hairless chest a few times, and then I went for gold. I reached down and placed my hand on his bulging underwear and squeezed his cock. I almost fainted. I was fifteen and I thought that I had a decent sized cock, or at least compared to my swim class I did. But when I grabbed Ty's cock, it felt huge. I massaged it a few times. I could feel him stiffen and relax with my massaging. It was a massively arousing feeling knowing that I was pleasuring him and I really wasn't doing anything yet.

I got to my knees, and slowly started to pull his boxers down. I froze. This wasn't the first time that I had seen a penis nor was it the first time seeing one other than mine hard. We used to have jack off contests in the shower after gym and swim class. But this was my first time seeing one this close. His erect penis was less than two inches from my face. I could do nothing but stare at it. It was smooth and pink, with a circumsized head, and amazing. I finished pulling his boxers off and again took a long look. He was entering puberty. He was starting to develop a golden patch of hair right above his shaft. His balls were two gold fuzzed sacks of skin that hung perfectly below his penis. He had to be at least seven inches long and two fingers wide, and he was only thirteen. I was about six inches and three fingers wide. But he was glorious.

I didn't care that he was bigger than me. I looked up at him and I could tell that he was nervous, but he gave me the nod. We both moved over to his bed, and I took my boxers off. We sat down on opposite ends of his bed. I noticed that he was staring at my now rock hard penis. His hand slid down and he started to rub himself. So I did the same. We sat there for like five minutes jacking ourselves off while watching each other. Finally I got up, and motioned for him to lay down. He did, and his penis was like a flagpole.

I sat down next to him and placed my hand on his patch of fuzz. I played with his pubic hair for a couple of minutes, circling my fingers through it. He started to let out little moans. That told me he was ready. I moved my hand to his penis and grabbed a hold of his shaft and slowly started stroking him. He couldn't help it. He started thrusting his penis into my fist right away, and within probably two minutes, he bucked up and held it. I felt the sperm flow up his shaft through my fist. He grunted, grabbed a hold of the bed sheets, and let loose with about ten good ropes of semen. His cum flew all over the place. It was on me, him, his bed, and even a wall. It had to have been pure bliss. Finally he calmed down, turned to me and said 'Your turn.'

So he told me to lay down and I did. I didn't care I was lying in his wet spot, it actually just turned me on even more. He leaned over and placed his hand on my penis and started stroking. He didn't have to stroke for long though. I was already on the verge of exploding, and about ten strokes is all it took for me to blow. I can't even try and explain what I felt like at that moment. You can just imagine. He looked at me and said 'Wow, that was fast.' I told him that I couldn't help it and that it was the first time jitters. He told me that next time I would go first so that I wouldn't be that worked up.

Yeah right. We cleaned up, got dressed, and went back downstairs just as his brother came walking in the house. We were all sitting there watching TV when finally Matt turned and said 'What's with you two. You look like you just got back from heaven or something.' I will never forget that moment. Tyler and I just broke out laughing with Matt constantly asking us what was soooo funny. Matt had it wrong, it was better than heaven. We are still together, and have had many more experiences with each other since that day a year ago. Matt has also found our heaven with us.

But that's another story......



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